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HELP ME DEFEND MY LIFE (Campaign for Analid García Rivas)

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My name is Analid del Carmen García Rivas, I am 44 years old and I am from Margarita, Edo Nueva Esparta, Venezuela. I am TSU in Tourism, Single mother of two beautiful children. I'm a fighter, worker, entrepreneur, warrior for myself, for my children and for my family. I'm a happy, fun person, among many other qualities.

Drastic weight loss, I'm in emergency health issue

A little over two years ago I have been losing weight enormously without stopping, reaching the point of having weighed 90 kilos in their time and currently weighing 40 kilos or less. We are all puzzled by the reason for such a sudden decline.

When beginning to visit the doctors and specialists in charge, the various examinations carried out reveal various problems that must be tackled as quickly as possible. Among which we have:

1. Increase in volume in the right pharyngeal space, multiple anenopathy towards the chains located in the ganglion levels or groups IB, II, III, IV, VB and VII, towards both sides of the midline, findings that could be in relation to LOE (Lymphoma), not ruling out other etiologies, (including infectious process).

2. Severe anemia, which has caused my hemoglobin to decrease to the extreme of 4 g / dl, platelets at 120,000 X mm3, white blood cells at 1,400 X mm3. This has caused that, since September 2019, she is hospitalized every few months in the hospital receiving blood transfusions, running the risk of contracting a worse disease. In the corresponding period between September 2019 and January 2020 I have been transfused 6 times.

Currently the Hematologist in charge of my case has sent me to perform a special examination of the Bone Marrow, which is performed only in the City of Caracas and has a high cost. Among many other things, which have to be attacked quickly, for my speedy recovery ...

Please support me to go through this tough times

Months have passed and little by little there are more relapses that I have, having to undergo more treatments and exams in order to get up.

Today I just want to ask you not for myself, but for my children, parents and family members who have done their utmost to not worry about the "economic", but unfortunately it is a reality, we do not have insurance that covers all these medical expenses and my parents ( very old people) are very concerned about the difficult situation we are experiencing.

If you contribute, I will be able to continue with my treatments and a speedy recovery with the favor of God and the Virgen del Valle. Every granite is extremely important and I will be eternally grateful along with my family.

Thank you very much for your collaboration, and you would make me very happy if you help me share my project.


Currently after strong days and receiving two transfusions in the month of March 2020, I am at home, complying with absolute rest and a treatment given by the Infectologist.

I was diagnosed with HIV Positive and after completing 3 months with treatment, I have to undergo a series of tests in the City of Caracas - Venezuela, which are somewhat expensive for me and my family. Then I will resume my treatment for lymphoma located in the throat ..

Any help is welcome. Thank you!

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