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Vlad need Spinraza to safe his life

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Dear all,

I am Tatyana Kaspiarovish from Minsk city, Belarus.

I'm the mother of Vladislav, a 2 years old boy who suffer from spinal muscular atrophy disease. As we carry out another campaign in This is us with my husband, Eugene.

Vlad has a genetic disorder

Vlad was born on March 22, 2018. He is 2 years old now, and has just begun to live as our only child.

When Vlad was 7 months old, he stopped holding his head and leaning on his hands. He was hanging loose when somebody took him in their arms. On the 4th March 2019, he was diagnosed with a rare disease: Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 2. It is a genetic disorder characterized by weakness and wasting (atrophy) in muscles used for movement (skeletal muscles).

Thus, Vlad gets a certificate of disability:

Spinraza will save Vlad's life

To slow down his disease we desperately need the most expensive drugs in the world: Spinraza. He needs 4 injections of Spiranza that cost 500,000 euros or $550,000 USD.

Please help us

Vlad is at home until we collect 500,000 euros. Then we will go to Israel, to the Schneider clinic.

We need to get this drugs so that my son would not die. Without any treatment, his muscles will gradually fail and in the end he will stop breathing.

Feel free to reach us out through various channel below:

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