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I want to watch Babymetal live at Summer Sonic 2019 at Japan

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Nice to meet you! I am from Indonesia and my name is Bambang Nurdiansyah (You can call me Bams!). I am a full time worker as a Customer Service at a Provider company in Indonesia and I am a husband.

Babymetal is a band that I like for a long time, not only because the members are funny, but the songs they make are very good to hear, besides Babymetal presents a new view of metal that initially looks creepy to be fun. That's why I always dream and hope that one day I can see their appearance directly.

Besides that, I also admired Japan for a long time, Japan is a beautiful country. I want to know all of Japan! I don't think you can have many opportunities to visit Japan in your life, but I will try my best to realize my dream.

How I started dreaming about visiting Japan

When I was little I watched lots of anime on TV and I became very interested in Japan so I started thinking about visiting that country.

And in August there will be a SUMMERSONIC festival in Osaka Japan and in the event there is Babymetal, I want to watch them live for a long time, because they have never come to Indonesia again after 6 years, the last time they came to Indonesia in in 2013 and I haven't had the chance to see it

At that time I found Airtripp! At first I wanted to know people from every country but when I started using it more I really loved Japan so I even forgot about other countries!

The reason why I need Airtripp Funding

I have received a lot of support from other users while participating in the [Country I want to visit] Campaign, so a few months ago I was able to complete my Gift Bank to Japan! I am very happy but going to a country is not just a plane ticket. There are many other expenses such as visa fees that make travel more difficult

I am a private employee and a husband. My monthly income is low, so I don't have much left at the end of the month.

I work as Customer Service since 2017 and the salary is 

low only $200 for a month , .

my wife has just been removed from her workplace so it's only me who works to make ends meet

What I want to do in Japan

Watch Babymetal live! Yes it is my biggest hope for a long time, so far I have only been able to see their appearance on youtube, I really hope to see them directly in front of my eyes.

and If I can go to Japan, I want to visit many places. Especially, I want to go to Tokyo, Osaka and Hamamatsu. I want to meet all my friends Airtripp. And of course, I also want to feel Japanese culture. I want to wear a kimono, try dango and okonomiyaki, eat ramen, go to many shrines and visit old traditional places.

Dream of my future

My biggest dream is to become a reliable drummer, and be a Babymetal drummer someday (though impossible) Actually, what I really want to do is get ready to stay in Japan. If everything is fine, I want to move to Japan in 2 or 3 years!

To get closer to my dream!

When I have free time, I try to learn and practice Japanese, talk to my Japanese friends and watch Japanese TV shows. I can also sing in Japanese! Thanks to the Airtripp I also collected a lot of information about Japan which would be very useful during my trip. Also, I try to save money, not only for this trip, but for my future life in Japan! 

Details of the amount needed

Total : $1103


If I receive your support, I will be able to visit Japan in August this year! And watching my idol band, Babymetal! When I receive a flight ticket from Airtripp, I will apply for a tourist visa.

If my project doesn't receive support I will have to keep working in the same way. I'm hoping for everyone's support! Thank you so much!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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