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I want to buy ophthalmic equipment for a boarding school

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Boarding School № 1 named. K.K. Mainsail

Boarding school No. 1, the first and oldest educational institution for blind children in Russia, begins its history in 1881. Blind children were taught reading, writing, counting and crafts, instilled self-care skills, gifted children made music. In 1975, the school merged with a boarding school for visually impaired children. The teaching staff of the school summarized the experience of working with blind and visually impaired students. Student organizations, including the primary organization of the All-Russian Society of the Blind, played a large positive role in organizational work. At present, the school seeks to continue the work begun more than a century ago by its founder, to implement new pedagogical ideas and approaches, to look for ways to improve work in modern conditions, to correct and compensate for secondary deviations in the development of blind and visually impaired children

The office of vision correction (ophthalmologic office) in the school.

Since this office has been operating within the walls of the school since the 80s. years, and not in a special medical center, the necessary equipment is selected taking into account this fact, i.e. it is compact, with complex maintenance, expensive and requiring the presence of an ophthalmologist.Our ophthalmic office is a special area of boarding school No. 1, which is engaged in the study of the physiology and anatomy of eye diseases in schoolchildren. Our doctors use effective methods not only for preventive action, but also for treating eye problems. An ophthalmologist is constantly examining students. Such actions are necessary in order to timely identify children (including the nearby population) suffering from eye diseases. More often than others, there are diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and more.The successful treatment of ophthalmic diseases largely depends on what equipment is used during diagnosis and treatment. Our doctor uses various medical equipment. Often used devices such as autorefractometers, laser stimulation devices, slit lamps and others.


Ophthalmic equipment is necessary for the work of an ophthalmologist at our boarding school. But due to the fact that ophthalmological equipment was purchased back in the 80s, it is already very outdated, and there is no money to buy new from a boarding school (for the blind and visually impaired).

In this regard, boarding school No. 1 addresses all those who are not indifferent to this problem and who is not difficult to provide all possible assistance in acquiring new ophthalmological equipment.Boarding School No. 1 requires:

1. Huvitz HRK-7000A Auto Refractometer

2. Slit lamp Huvitz HS-7000

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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