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Hi there!

I introduce myself, I am Emmanuel Rodríguez, a student who is currently in his last year of high school,

I have a goal which is to study cinematography.

More about me.

I have been in photography courses to learn more about the subject since it is a subject that I am very passionate about and since I was a child I have taken photos.

I would like to study the degree in Cinematography since I have a quite peculiar vision of the world, with its imperfections and conflicts that make the world I live in and I would like to represent this in video or photo.

  (here is some of my work)

It is hard but not impossible

I am a boy who belongs to the middle class family, but lately the economic situation at home is not the best, I have tried to work and sell my things but it is simply impossible for me to cover all the expenses.

My mother unfortunately suffers from a very feared disease that is cancer and although she is improving the economic situation it is not enough for me to buy my photography equipment,

My mother bought me my first camera when I was in high school (a Nikon D3400 that unfortunately for no reason I stop working to never turn it on again)

I would like to take it to repair but it is impossible to pay it in addition to the fact that the nearest repair center is more than an hour from my house and that is why I have started this small project

I want to buy New camera equipment and enroll filmmaking at College

I have started this small project to buy a Nikon equipment D3500 to help me get into college.

At school I am doing very well. I have excellent grades so I have a scholarship and since it is in agreement with the university that I want to go, my dream of studying filmmaking may be possible.

I sincerely hope that this project can be carried out and have the equipment I need as a requirement to enter school and continue training as a student and someday become something great.

Usage of the funds

If I am able to collect enough funds I will be able to make reality, all the equipment you see above are what the school asks me as a requirement since we will be using this material throughout the race for various projects. Here more detail.

° Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount: will be used for audio when recording

° Acer Laptop Aspiere A515-51-5089 Intel Core i5-8250u 8GB RAM 1TB Hard Drive 3.4Ghz. : This high-performance laptop will be used for the editing and post-production of the videos that I do, among other things that will be asked of me in the race.

" Nikon D3500 Nikkor AF-P DX 18-55mm f / 3-5-5.6G VR Lens AF-P DX 70-300mm f / 4.5-5.6E EDVR and Tripod: A great camera to start with, don't ask me for a camera High-end but this Nikon gives spectacular performance, plus it comes packaged with 2 lenses (18-55mm and 30-70mm) plus a tripod and memory card at an affordable price.

° Yosoo - Waterproof Backpack for Canon Nikon and Sony cameras: A backpack for special use in photographic equipment that I will use to transport my equipment since it will be useful when transporting it because my school will be a little away from my house so I have to keep my equipment stored and without the worry of scratching / breaking a component from either the camera or the microphone

The total price of everything you will need will be: $ 27,499.52 Mexican pesos or 1,110 usd.

I planned to make a short Film : "SOLO"

One of the projects I have planned is to make a short film that talks about loneliness in young people, "an invisible problem" that sometimes we cannot see and with your help I hope to make it possible.

This short film will speak as I mentioned before about the solitude focused on the youth of this modern era and how parents sometimes do not realize this. "Alone" will be a short film to make the world aware that you don't necessarily have to be alone to feel this way, many times you are surrounded by friends, family or even wealth, but simply the feeling of loneliness is present no matter your social status or who you are, being alone is a real feeling that is often present in someone but cannot be seen.

Thank you so much everyone.

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