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Hi everyone!

My name is Rabbani and I live in Pakistan. I am an entrepreneur with the aim to bring positive change in the world, in general and Pakistan in specific. I am also doing BS in Economics.

Currently, I have taken an initiative to build up a business through which I can help people of Pakistan. I need some capital in order to develop it.

To Initiate and Grow my Business Start-up

I have started working on my business idea 5 months back and now we are ready with our website named as " "

It is an online ticketing service through which people can buy tickets of busses while sitting at home.

It is not yet functional since we need more of marketing and getting it registered with PSEC. For achieving these basic milestones , I need a small amount of seed funding. Getting seed capital at this age would help us grow and make us able to rais money in future by Venture capitalists.

A huge impact

This Idea has been inculcated way back in developed countries but Pakistan is yet not adaptive to such innovations.

It would help people save time, money and energy while buying tickets at home or office rather travelling to ticket booths.

We think that this idea could really have a lot of potential in Pakistan.

I had personal savings of around $200 which I have spent to develop website and have also borrowed around $150 from friends. So now I have to return the amount back that I have borrowed and can't ask them for further loans since I haven't paid their previous loan yet.

Achieving my target

Making my business established, it would be my permanent source of income. So I will not need to find a job, I will create jobs instead.

Also, I will get great satisfaction if become able to provide people jobs.

To make this real, I can't ask my parents for financial support. I have 5 siblings and I still a student. This is something I need to take care of independently.

Details on needed funds.

I would like to raise $900 to help me pay back $150 I borrowed from my friends, create the android application and pay the marketing of our website.


If I achieve my target, it would give a boost to our business start-up.

I would spend $600 for marketing in upcoming 6 six months. Android application will be ready within the first month, so will have to pay for it in the very first month of target completion.

It would help increase my Business value so after consuming this amount, i will consider venture capitalists to raise further funds, hence our business value will increase.

If I do not achieve target, I would try to borrow from someone else to get the results.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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