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My name is Jose Fillips also known as FillipsMen by the Geometry Dash community.

I'm starting this fundraising proyect to help my mom go through a surgery that she needs to get done as soon as possible with motive of EMERGENCY due to some cancer cells that are present in her cervix.

We are currently living in Lima, Peru. But we are from Venezuela, and as many venezuelan families that reside here we don't have a medical insurance that could help us cover for this expenses. In the beggining of this year 2022 my mom got infected with COVID-19, so she had to take a long medical leave from work. This brought up some complications in her health so we decided to run more tests in order to screen for any other problem that could be going on with her.

Unfortunately, one of these tests came back with a result that we weren't expecting at all. That was the moment when we found out that my mom had cancer cells developing in her cervix, and it was spreading very fast. We went to different doctors so we could hear different opinions and diagnostics on the matter but all of them gave the same diagnostic. Here I'll attach some pictures of 2 different diagnostics:

The public hospital scheduled her surgery for september of this year

The public hospital scheduled her surgery for September of this year but the doctor told us that this was too much time to wait for that surgery and that the cancer could spread even more by that time and it might be too late at that point. So the doctor gave us another option and it was for us to pay for the whole procedure at a private clinic, and we decided to go this way and don't risk it. At the clinic, her surgery was scheduled for the 2nd week of July, they also provided us with a surgery order where they detailed the total expenses that this procedure will require. I'll proceed to attach this order here (the prices are in Peruvian Sol):

The surgery has a total cost of $1250, which is displayed in the order above in local currency (Peruvian Sol). Apart from that we also need $200 to cover for the meds that my mom will have to take in her recovery process and the follow up appoinments with the doctor after the procedure.

Help us keep that smile in my moms face that you can see at the banner picture. I thank you for taking the time to read through all of this!

It would make me very happy if you share this fundraising proyect! Everything helps!

- Fillips -

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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