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Let us Give Better Educational Opportunity For The Poor

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I am Hazel Mago, a public school teacher here in the locality of Labo, Camarines Norte, Philippines. I am teaching elementary grade students.

I have come up with this project intending to help some of the less fortunate children in my community particularly those attending my classes. These are children whose families are directly hit by the effects of the COVID19 pandemic.

The student families circumstances

The learning institution I am working with is situated in a community where most families' jobs are affected by the pandemic. Most of the parents are unable to provide all the educational materials needed by their children.

It is heartbreaking seeing these children coming to school on foot, some do not have a penny in their pockets to buy snacks, and others even skip lunch due to lack of money.

The students mostly live in far-flung areas who only walk when coming to school. Sometimes heavy rains would hinder them to attend classes. But amidst all these, their parents are still sending them to school. These children though experiencing a lot of hardships manifest deep love for learning.

Covid-19 make the students need to study remotely

Covid-19 Pandemic threatens their chance to continue their education. Distant learning is a new challenge for them, knowing that electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, or laptops are a necessity for this kind of learning process.

The meager income of their parents barely provides for their basic needs and buying an electronic learning device seems impossible for them to afford.

It is for this reason that I want to raise funds to help and provide at least one tablet for every family with 2 to 3 students who will be attending my class.

Tablets for students to continue study during this Pandemic

Schools are set to open by mid-August and the government decided to implement blended learning. Learners will be using different modalities including online learning. Because these children are living below the poverty threshold, I know it will be difficult for them to access online learning if they don't have the materials needed like a laptop, cellphone, or tablet.

There are 4 students whose parent's income is greatly affected because of COVID-19. I would like to help them to provide tablets so the students will be able to continue their studies.

If I reach the goal amount, 4 children will receive an electronic device that they can use for online learning with prices ranging from 5,000.00. to 6,000.00 pesos each. I have a big desire to help them myself, but my financial capacity could not permit it. As a public school teacher, I am earning just enough to provide for my own family and the education of my children.

Let's help to ease their burden

The collected amount will be used to procure electronic gadgets particularly tablets for these less fortunate children. Rest assured that all funds will be used for this purpose.

I am knocking at your heart to spare a certain amount and help me open doors of continuous learning for these children by providing them the essential learning materials they need, an electronic tablet. Hoping to raise funds until End of August this year.

May we all be blessed abundantly and continue finding ways to help others.

for further information, you may contact me at :

Thank you so much

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