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Support for Ukrainian Refugee Children -Education Project by Refugee Mothers-

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A supplementary school for mothers who are supporting the education of refugee children in Romania

-Opportunity for children to study in their native language, even in evacuation areas-

In Romania, where about 100,000 Ukrainian refugees have taken refuge, Ukrainian children who attend schools in a different language are filled with anxiety. We want children to be able to learn in Ukrainian so that they can live a normal life! With that goal in mind, we've created a supplementary school.

By providing opportunities to learn, ask questions, understand, talk with friends, think together, and play together in Ukrainian, we aim to help children learn in a fun and positive way.

We're requesting financial support for the school supplies used by the children, the operating expenses, and the repair of the facilities and equipment.

Educational challenges for Ukrainian refugee children

In Cluj and Iasi, Romania, where refugees have been evacuated, approximately 70% of refugee children continue receiving online classes in Ukrainian schools, and approximately 30% attend local Romanian schools.

 Due to power outages in Ukraine, it's difficult to conduct online classes on a daily basis. In addition, there are other issues related to the Internet enviroment and devices used at evacuation sites, that are limited to parents' mobile phones only. Because of that, many children who are still in lower grades of elementary school, have trouble during online classes and find it difficult to continue. 

Children who attend Romanian schools do not understand the Romanian language and find it difficult to follow the content of the classes. There is also a lack of teachers to support classes in Ukrainian.

In order to support children in this educational environment, we have established a supplementary school where children can learn in person and in Ukrainian, led by mothers who were teachers in Ukraine. The school provides an opportunity for children to ask questions after their local school classes or online classes, and to enjoy learning together with their friends.

What we want to accomplish

While fathers are still fighting in Ukraine for their country, they are struggling in Romania, where they have taken refuge. However, "we cannot stay sad forever. We must stay strong and do whatever we can for the future of our children", they say.

Many children have been deeply traumatized by the invasion of Ukraine. They have woken up many times in the night with nightmares, frightened by darkness and loud noises, and they have been deprived of their "normal daily life". They are also unable to see their fathers and friends in Ukraine and are under a lot of stress at the evacuation site.

Our hope is to provide children with opportunities to learn and have fun even in evacuation centers, and to help them regain their "normal daily lives" as much as possible.

How the donations will be used

As informal education, it is difficult for supplementary schools to receive public support, and they face many challenges, such as lack of teaching materials, equipment, and operating funds. In order to enhance learning at the supplementary school, we plan to use the received funds to pay for equipment such as stationery, desks and chairs for the children, paper for printing teaching materials, copy machines, etc., as well as for operating expenses such as providing snacks for the children and transportation for the teachers. Thank you very much in advance for your kind support.

In addition to the web-based crowdfunding, 10% of the sales of Moldovan wines and food products sold at the Moldova Market to be held at Tsutaya Home Appliances in Futakotamagawa on 1/28 (Sat.) and 1/29 (Sun.) will be donated to this project.

Current Life of Ukrainian refugees (limited time event from January 23 to 29)

About IC Net Limited

I.C.Net is a development consultancy that aims to improve the world by solving social problems. Since its establishment in 1993, I.C.Net has worked in more than 150 countries around the world, mainly through Official Development Assistance (ODA). The company is also responsible for the overseas development of Gakken's business since it became part of the Gakken Group in 2019.

Utilizing our experience in assisting refugees in Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries, since July 2022, we are supporting the educational environment of Ukrainian refugees, especially children, in Romania and Moldova -Ukraine's neighbors-, and providing a variety of assistance in cooperation with refugee shelters and local NGOs.

This crowdfunding project has been launched in response to the wishes of the mothers we met during our research in the area. We would like to continue to provide support to help the children regain some semblance of normalcy in the midst of this prolonged evacuation.

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