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Powerful Warriors Transforming Adversities into Strengths

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Hello everyone,

Our founder, Alexandra Parra Santander, has a great passion and knowledge in the world of art. Her ability stems from her family upbringing and her parents, Parrita, a photographer and musician, and Magolita, a painter and sculptor, influenced her artistic development. In addition, he learned the healing art of his mother, who after losing her life partner at the age of 91, learned to paint to overcome her loss and transformed her pain into beautiful paintings.

In 2014, following the legacy of her family and with the aim of promoting and disseminating activities related to art, music and culture for all audiences, Alexandra founded the school alArte Talleres.

In 2015, Alexandra experienced a profound transformation after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer. She put into practice what she learned from her mother and, through love, faith and art, she healed her being. Motivated by her rebirth, she decided to accompany other people who are facing this change of life and beautiful rebirth, using art as a means to provide support and connection, she incorporated workshops and other environments in the arts school to achieve a positive impact and fill them with hope.

In 2016, our founder learned how to do artistic makeup while battling cancer. With this ability, she was able to generate income and take a positive attitude in the face of adversity. With the motto "a diagnosis should not stop you, it should motivate you to get ahead" and with the aim of providing emotional and spiritual support, empowering, sharing her life message and the healing power of art, she created a group of 200 brave "warriors". cancer patients and cancer survivors. Despite being rejected at work for being a cancer survivor, Alexandra did not give up, she sought support from companies to help other women in the same situation. She provided them with training and gave them tools so they could undertake and succeed on their own.

In 2018, the alArte Talleres school took a big step by becoming the alArte Talleres Corporation. We expand our emotional and spiritual support channels to people who have been diagnosed with cancer and vulnerable population. We implemented an entrepreneurship plan with which we impacted more than 50 brave warriors, training them in beauty, art, and fashion design. All this allowed them to have autonomy and generate income for their homes.

Aware of the impact that these situations have on families, we open our doors for their relatives, we offer them the help, love and guidance they need in difficult times.

In addition, we also started working with companies and organizations, offering workshops and tailor-made events to increase the motivation of their employees, as well as workshops and events that promote self-care, art, culture, beauty and empowerment. We strengthened our team of professionals, volunteers and artists, and set up spaces to show their talent and be recognized.

In 2022, with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, the headquarters of the Corporación alArte Talleres and the center of beauty alArte Makeup. Our founder graduated as a professional beauty technician and managed to materialize her dream of having a different place, where we not only welcome the general public, but also lovingly welcome women cancer patients who are starting or finishing their treatment and cancer survivors. We understood the importance of having a special space for them where they felt safe and comfortable. With the message "We are beautiful with or without hair", our founder designed a package of special services for them that includes a haircut, makeup, manicure and a nice photo studio so they can see that they are still beautiful. In line with our objectives and being sensitive to the experience that these people live, we hire professionals who are also cancer patients and survivors, fully understanding what they face, becoming a reference in life for them.

In addition, thanks to the support of partner companies, we implement make-up and manicure workshops where we empower and develop skills in these brave women. Thanks to this important work they were able to start their own business and continue their path full of life and hope. Art is breathed in our facilities, which is why we have spaces for healing art workshops, meditation, yoga and crafts. In addition, to promote our allied brands, entrepreneurs, and artists, we opened the alArte store at our headquarters, a place where we give clothing in excellent condition a new opportunity, we sell accessories, our own brand, and other items. A warm space full of possibilities, where you will find beautiful and useful things.

In 2023, thanks to our allied companies we continue to train, empower and provide opportunities to our community so that they can activate their working life and improve their quality of life. Starting this year, we also lovingly welcome people diagnosed with HIV, abused, vulnerable and their families, with the message that "A difficult diagnosis or moment does not limit you to fulfilling your dreams, with faith and perseverance, anything is possible." .

We carry out activities such as: *Empowerment of women through training workshops to generate entrepreneurship and have a better quality of life.

* Healing Art Workshops for cancer survivors, as a strategy for heal, mind, body and spirit, in their cancer treatment process.

*Strategic events in shopping centers as well as in friendly organizations of empowerment through makeup, love own and artistic manifestations. *Mural interventions in the city with the participation of cancer women and vulnerable populations.

*Talks by women cancer survivors in shopping malls and public and private places with their life messages, with artistic interventions

*Parade in a shopping center with real women, survivors who, through their bodies with disabilities, highlight their battle overcome and their beauty.

For this 2023, we think with these resources to potentiate our activities that we have been building safe spaces for women with cancer for 5 years, share their experiences, wisdom, knowledge and support.

In addition to creating workshops that empower women and help in the search for their skills where the purpose is to customize second-hand garments, pointillism mandala paintings and other manifestations of crafts that can contribute to women's economic independence.

Create monthly events open to the public in our space, so that women can show their creations and have financial support with a totally free exhibition space.

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