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Please help save my fur babies!

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Hello everyone, My name is Lauren Kemp from South Africa.

Honestly, this is not something I am very proud of, nor is it something I was expecting to be facing at this point in my 32 years on earth.

I have reached the end of my rope and am now turning to others to ask for help. Please meet my 3 pit bull babies, Luma, Pilot and Theo, also my beautiful rescue cat Lady, buggles the cat.

Luma is my smallest baby, but also my oldest pittie and my most fiercely loyal baby!

Pilot is my biggest (but middle child) he is bouncy and clumsy and filled with the most amazing spirit

Theo is my youngest baby, he is the most beautiful creature in the world and has the world's most effective puppy dog eyes!

Pilot and Theo are both rescue children. Pilot has a few health problems from when he was attacked by his litter mates at 7 weeks old, and Theo was surrendered to a rescue at the tender age of 3 months old.

And in the other, my beautiful rescue cat Lady, who is fondly known as Buggles the cat by everyone who knows her and she can hold a conversation for ages, she will tell you all about her day and then start again from the beginning.

I have lost both of my jobs and my furry babies have been in the kennel since the beginning of February 2020.

I have recently lost both of my jobs and subsequently my home and just last week my car.

My furry babies have been in a kennel here in Shongweni for the past 2 months as I haven’t had a home for them to stay with me. It breaks my heart daily that my babies are living in a kennel, but I like knowing that someday soon I’ll have them back with me.

I have run out of savings and maxed my credit card, so I now need help to keep them in the kennel until I am financially stable again.

However due to my circumstances I have run out of savings trying to keep them in kennels and am facing having to put my beautiful babies to sleep.

And now due to Coronavirus lockdown here, I am facing even greater hardships as I can not even see them.

I come to you with my hat in hand asking for help. I am trying to raise funds to keep my fur babies in the kennels a little while longer in the hopes that I can get my life back on track and have my babies back with me.

Whatever surplus funding I raise, will go to my favorite animal shelters here in South Africa, Pitpals in Cape Town and PARR here in my hometown of Pietermaritzburg.

Please help me

Because of my current condition, I have my cat and dogs in a kennel at the moment because they can’t be with me, I’m staying with a friend. I need to collect the funds in order to pay for kennel fees and food for them, and their annual vaccinations are coming up as well. They are everything to me, and I just can’t lose them as well.

Unfortunately due to the vast numbers of people leaving our beautiful country in the hopes of finding something better elsewhere in the world, the shelters are all at capacity and so surrendering my babies is not an option!

If you know of anyone who would be willing to help me, I would greatly appreciate whatever help I can get.

Anyone can see more about me and my furry babies on Facebook or Instagram @lollypop2759 May you have a wonderful day!

Much love, Lauren and Team Pitbull!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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