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Help save "Little Nose" from FIP

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"Little Nose" is a sweet 9 month old kitten.

We found her on a street three months ago, she was weak and small, and things were getting worse. By the end of March, her eyes started to get cloudy, she has lost her ability to walk nor even raise her head, barely ate and hardly moved from 1 spot all day. During this time, she has been tested by vets and clinics, and finally was diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), which is known as a death sentence for a cat.

There’s an experimental treatment that’s brand new which has had success in beating FIP. This recent research in the US has proven remarkably successful when 24 out of 26 cats recovered, the link to the research paper:

The treatment is a daily injection for 84 days so it’s a long course of treatment and because it’s experimental and new, it’s expensive.

The dosage is based on the current cat's condition and weight.

Type of FIP: Ocular or Neuro FIP (8mg/kg)

Type of GS: Mutian injectable (16.7mg/ml)

Cat's weight in kg: 1.6

Daily dose: 0.77ml

Est vials to complete 12 weeks with Mutian: 12.38

Est cost of treatment with Mutian ($358/vial): $4,432.54

On April 2, I started the treatment. After being hyper sick for 2 weeks, not eating, only sleeping, loosing balance, the next morning, after only 2 doses, she was feeling so much better! She had no more fever, was hungry and ate, she played.

I still have 72 days of treatment to buy and cannot afford this on my own. Also after a few weeks of treatment, the dosage might need to be increased as Little Nose might gain her weight. But for now, I am only asking support for $1074 (three vials of Mutian) and I will try my best to find the rest.

Please help me save "Little Nose", any amount helps!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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