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Stay home Ecuador Covid-19, HELP US!

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Warm greetings from Ecuador.

My name is Santiago Tocagon, and i am reasing this project in order seeks some help for my neighborhood who affected because of covid-19

People need to stay at home because of Covid-19

In Ecuador we are in a health emergency due to COVID19, the health systems collapsed, a decree was issued by the government that families must stay home, without taking into account or providing for it.

This directly affects families that do not maintain direct or permanent income, fathers and mothers of families who worked as street vendors, bricklayers, day laborers, plumbers, elderly people who depend equally on the daily sales of their small handicrafts, they are on the street and cannot go out to find daily sustenance to support their children.

Together with my team, We are a group of people who have worked delivering social aid to vulnerable people, we have done so for several years now; and we have not necessarily done so by receiving aid, rather we have given our own resources.

We managed to distribute for about 100 kits of groceries at the first phase

In a first phase we deliver more than 50 Kitts of food to families who have been affected by Covid19, in a second phase we deliver more than 60 Kitts to families in rural sectors, as can be seen on my Facebook; the funds were raised with a group of; and they were thanks to the solidarity of several people.

With their help we have planned to reach more than 200 families ... we will surely do it with the help of God and yours.

What we distributed are wholesale basic necessities,later the team assemble Kitts and later we deliver to the home of each family that we have previously organized

There are still many people that need help in ecuador

The Kitts we assemble carry the basics for feeding a small family, we buy in bulk with what they can donate to us and later we assemble the Kitts and deliver them to the homes of people affected by Covid19

So far, we managed to reached about 200 people, however,, if the pandemic still continue, the things will be more difficult for them.

With a lot of gratitude, any help from you will be appreciated. The more collected funds we get, the more people we can help too. since the situation in Ecuador is getting worse every time and people need help and we want to reach more people

we do everything for the Glory of God because we believe that more than anyone, He helps us to reach out and give more than we have and we can

God bless you,

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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