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Hi everyone,

We’re Mercedes and Agustina, from are from Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Roque fell from seven stories heights

We left for Barcelona, Spain on November 29 with Ipanema, our little dog and Roque, our kitten. Our idea was to establish ourselves here but, among other bad things that happened to us is just a week afterwards, Roque fell from our terrace, which is seven stories high.

He was admitted to the emergency room of Glories Veterinary Hospital in Barcelona. He remained hospitalized for three days, in which he was stabilized and they saved his life.

As a consequence of the fall, he broke his tail, one of his front paws and tore open his palate. He was operated to fix his tail, and was tube fed until he healed his palate.

Few days ago, we were informed that we must operate his paw or he will lose it.

We need your support to undergo Roque's paw surgery

We decided not to operate his paw due to the debt we contracted to pay for all of previous procedures to save him. We paid for all the medical tests, his time in the hospital, the treatment on his palate and the cutting off of his tail on borrowed money since we could never get a proper job yet.

Despite the vet’s recommendations and for money reasons, we chose to keep his leg on bandages on the hope it would heal on its own. Sadly, that did not happen. Two months have gone by and now, the surgery is not optional anymore.

We’ll be super grateful for your support

This time, we need the help of those who can contribute to help us and gather the funds for the procedure.

This incident has completely broke our economy, and as a result, our plans for this new life in Spain. We will have to go back to Argentina, but as everybody knows, we can’t do that at the moment due to COVID-19. And during the lockdown we have no chances of getting a job and have been struggling to make ends meet.

We hope you can collaborate with whatever amount you can. We’ll be super grateful!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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