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I want to eliminate the poverty problem in Cebu by teaching beauty technology to children

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Under the theme of "Enriching Philippines Cebu through beauty," we have currently dispatched three staff members from last year and were planning to open a new store in April. Because of the lockdown the construction was interrupted and opening results kind of difficult.

*To start with

 Luve heart's And Be it's a hair, nail, eyelash, esthetics and apparel cafe located in Minamisenba, Umeda, Ibaraki, Ishigaki Island, Cebu Island (Opening June) and mainly in Osaka Shinsaibashi.

We are dedicated to do different activities in collaboration with other industries 

My name is Kagawa Shoya and I'm the managers of Cebu branch.

I would really appreciate if you have a look on my project.

What I'm planning to do

 We want to make you smile with all the skills and customer service we have learned in Japan.

And we are planning to open a store with the desire to bring the culture of that country.

In the future, I would like to build a Beauty school in countries where there aren't.

But currently we're on a total lockdown here in Cebu.

There are also restrictions on the activities of local staff and interruptions in construction.

While the big opening had to be postponed, I thought that I could start this project to financially support our activities.

We always wanted to fulfill our dreams overseas.

That's why we decided to open a branch in Cebu, Philippines.

Since last year, we have dispatched three Japanese hairdressers and are currently preparing for it.

The plan started from Spring of the last year, and we've been preparing everything from then.

Around the fall of last year, we contracted the property and sent shampoo stands made in Japan to the site.

The big opening was planned by the end of last year but... After that, all were problems.

The property was finally decided, and it was scheduled to open in mid-April.

Currently, due to the policy of the Philippine government, operations other than pharmacies, medical facilities, and supermarkets are suspended, and going out for any other purpose is prohibited. In fact, it is under lockdown from March 28 to April 28.

I was regularly working for the opening, such as volunteer beautician for the poor on Cebu Island, salon work by renting space, lessons at the studio, etc. Now, I can’t do any activities and I have no income.。

Therefore, I thought that I could do something and wanted to help.

The donated money will be used to fund future activity of luve heart's And Be. Three Japanese beauticians working hard to prepare locally and all Filipinos living in Cebu who are looking forward to their opening. I would like to show a wonderful opening as soon as possible to the Japanese and Korean students

So far, three Japanese beauticians entered the site at the end of last year and were preparing for the opening in mid-January in order to get used to the environment of Cebu Island.

During the preparation period until then, we went to a language school, a study group to adapt to color agents and treatments that can be purchased locally for opening while attending a language school, shooting with a model for visual transmission. I was looking forward to the opening while exploring what I could do locally such as volunteer cuts for the poor.

How the funds will be used

There are still many costs such as labor costs for construction, tenant rent, tuition fee for 3 Japanese people, rent etc. And all plans are disturbed by the lockdown.

We believe that if we can collect even a small amount of money, we can support an environment where people can feel more secure.


When unlocking at the end of April, I will be able to resume activities quickly. I would like to work so that I can reach the opening as early as possible.

However, the lockdown might last even more time.

Expected costs will be incurred, such as necessary expenses, store rent, and labor costs associated with postponement of construction.

After the completion of this project, we will periodically deliver local reports and future activity reports to everyone who has received support.

And last...

 Another purpose of our overseas store opening in the Philippines is to create the highest quality salon in Cebu Island for people of the Philippines, and also do volunteer activities for people with a bad financial situation. I also want people to be interested in beauty jobs and enrich their lives through beauty.

I also want to introduce Japanese beauty technology and culture in the Philippines, create culture through beauty in the Philippines, convey the goodness of work as a hairdresser to the people of the Philippines as a profession, and think and do what a Japanese beauty company can do in the Philippines, where there is a gap between rich and poor.

I would like to help Luve heart's And Be in Cebu by collecting support money not through the purpose of raising funds but through crowdfunding.

Thank you very much for reading my story.

I would really appreciate if you can share my project so I can reach even more people. Thank you very much!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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