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I want to travel to Egypt and visit my friends!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Vivi and I'm from Indonesia!

I'm trying to raise so funds to be able to make my dream come true: to travel to Egypt and visit my friends!

I want to travel to my favourite country

I want to visit Egypt since 2017. I have a lot of friends I met online since then, and we've build a very good friendship.

They are all nice people and easy to make friendship with. I've learned a lot of things about Egypt from them.

Travelling to Egypt is now the dream I want to make come true.

My future in Egypt

As I've explained, I have a lot of friends in Egypt and I'm really looking forward to meeting them.

I would like to see the Pyramids, because they are the most famous tourist spot there.

I also would like to do a little study comparison with universites because in the future I would like to study my master degree in there too.

My egyptians friend told me about their local cuisines called Molokhia and Macaroni bechamel. I would love to try it someday!

Living as a student

Currently, I'm studying Chemical at University. My parents are working as farmers. They are not rich but they want for me to keep studying until I graduate. By my hardwork, I'm able to study thanks to a government scholarship, so my parents are not burdened with my university fees.

To help financial and living expenses in the university, I work as a private teacher for high school student. I also make crafts for gift to sell.

It's quite hard to collect money to buy flight tickets since the price is very expensive and I can't afford it by myself.

Details on needed funds

The total amount I would need for everything is $1,200. I think I will be able to save $150


If I manage to collect enough funds, I will be able to make my dream come true.

I would like to go to Egypt this year, as I will graduate from university this year and I would like to travel abroad before starting to do job hunting. I will process my passport and visa if I collect enough funds as soon as possible.

In the future, I would like to spend more time in Egypt studying, and that's why I want to really feel the living atmosphere over there.

If I can't make my dream come true during this year, I will try for next year and keep trying to save money until I can go to Egypt to meet my friends! I really hope I can get some support to fulfill this dream!

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