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Make my dream come true: To be an aesthetic doctor

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Hi everyone! I am Ria from Indonesia. I graduated from my medical school in 2015 with a very good GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.32!

My family has an average economy. Thats why I've studied very hard to not disappoint my parents.

Since college, my dream has been always the same: to be an aesthetic doctor. In my country, Aesthetic medicine is very developed and the knowledge is always being updated.

I hope I can make my own aesthetic clinic and have my own skin care brands. For now, I'm working in an aesthetic clinic as an intern.

I need to take some courses

As an intern at the Aesthetic clinic cannot get a large salary, and as you know in my country everything is expensive. so with my salary I can only afford daily needs, help my parents, and save a little.

The problem is that, to become a profesional aesthetic doctor, I must study some courses.

The courses consist on aesthetic basic sciences, skin diseases and treatments, aesthetic medicines, making skincare, lasers and minor surgery for aesthetics, etc. And the costs for those courses is around $ 2,500.

Financial limitations

As I mentioned above, my family comes from an average economy. My parents had to work very hard to pay my medical school.

After becoming a doctor like now, I want to continue my education to achieve a better level as an aesthetic doctor. All education requires a fee and me or my parents can't afford it.

Make people more beautiful, confidence, and happy

If my target is reached, I will immediately register to join the course. The knowledge that I get later I will use as best as possible.

I will not disappoint my parents and the friends who have helped me fulfill my dreams. Also, I will get a better job and income.

I will save little by little to open a clinic and make my own skin care's brands. I am very happy if the knowledge I have is useful for others and makes their lives better as they dreamed.

Details on needed funds

Now I have $ 300 on my saving, so I need about $ 2,200 to be able to pay the tuition fee of all the courses.


If I achieve my target I will join the courses and study seriously, so I can really be a profesional aesthetic doctor. In the future I will make my own clinic and my own skin care's brands with the best prices, so all of people can use it.

But if my target is not achieved. I will work harder to collect the money, even though it takes a very long time to be able to take those courses.I hope that you can help me do this first step to make my dream come true.!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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