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Hi everyone!

My name is laura camila, and i am an ecologist from Colombia

In this chance, I would like to create a project where people can learn about agro-ecology and Biodynamics here in Colombia.

I have some experience on biodynamic field

I worked for three years in a biodynamic organic farm, and in different permaculture and ecological agriculture projects around South America in countries such as Ecuador, Prú, Bolivia, Chile, and Brazil

Sometimes, I also volunteered and worked dictating workshops and talks.i like to learn and share with the peasants.

Biodynamic agriculture is something I am passionate about,

I want to make a school that teach about biodynamic organic farm,

I want to create a school farm of biodynamic agriculture, permaculture and in general the ecological agriculture that is currently necessary for the recovery of degraded soils and contaminated food, the idea is to cover needs such as healthy food for the community, as well as pedagogy around the subject , produce food free of contamination.

Beside it is my passion, it is also my dream

With my experience in organic farming, I would love to be able to teach more people. For me this project means self-realization, autonomy, freedom, independence, a dream come true.

The obstacle we have

The current situation of the project is in search of an optimal terrain to mount the infrastructure. I recently found land at a very good price, which has some important elements, such as irrigation water wells, farm animal stables, and a cabin to live in.

At the moment I am trying to manage financing with the agrarian bank, but the loans are very low and in the end the interests are very high.

Plan of usage of the funds

Regarding food production, I estimate that the project could be launched in less than a year and, at the same time, building infrastructures such as: a dry bathroom, a classroom, a sky observatory (since the school will have an emphasis on biodynamic), museum of medicinal plants and botanical information.

Together with biological information of the place, everything will be built all with bio-construction, for which various workshops can be held and involve the community.

Your support will give benefits to many people

People who participate in the project may come to train, if they cannot do it in person, they can receive the course online.

People who are close to the farm will also be able to receive high-quality food at home, since the biodynamic method is one of the most ecological and healthy methods for the earth and people's health.

On the other hand, it is expected to receive volunteers constantly, in order to train more people, in the end it is intended to make the agro school have the ability to provide people with a study certificate, the agro school is thought of as an ecological university

It is necessary to be able to spread this idea and apply it in our daily life to work with full awareness, I would like to spread the project throughout the world and that many people join it in some way to be able to generate a network that unites all eco-villages and people who work for a healthy planet.

Thank you so much for your support,

Kindest regards,

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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