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Help me with this sweet disease (Type 1 Diabetes)

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Hello everyone,

I am Ana Mendoza, I am 21 years old, I live in Peru

I came to this platform by recommendation because I need your help for my medical needs, because at the moment we are in quarantine, and I cannot go to work.

I diagnosed with diabetes Type 1

At 8 months of my age, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes,

Since I came from Venezuela I have worked as a sales clerk in stores, veterinary assistant, dishwasher, cleaning offices, it has not been easy.

Many times they fired me to see how I was unbalanced when I had low blood sugar at work. However, I never gave up on it, and I continued working until the time the government declared quarantine and possibly extend it for a longer time,

I can't buy medication, i can't go to work on quarantine period

I no longer have money to buy my medications, every day I have to inject insulin, and measure my sugar 5 times a day,

but I have had to ration my insulin dose, and now I only measure sugar 1 time a day, I do it in the early morning to avoid hypoglycemia (glucose less than 50) while I sleep.

It is difficult for me alone to cover the expenses

I have no one to turn to, I am an only child and my mother is 63 years old, and her health is deteriorating due to chronic anemia, my father abandoned us 10 months after birth.

My mother made many sacrifices to send me to Peru, since in Venezuela it was increasingly difficult to get insulin, now I am in Lima - Peru, since I arrived I have worked to cover my medication expenses, which represent 45% of my salary,

If they have a family member with this disease, they know that it is expensive, especially if you cannot access health insurance.

I spent about US $207.00 every month

every month, i need to spend about 207 USD that i explain the usage below

* 2 Insulin Apidra pens (fast action) = $36

* 2 Lantus insulin pens (slow action) = $40

* 3 of test strip kits (Sugar measurement) = $75

* Needles and lancets = $10

* Send money to my mother who is in poor health (Chronic anemia) = $46

I just wish that this pandemic ends soon to go back to work. I appeal to your solidarity so that you can please help me raise a fund to cover my medications for a month and help my mom.

I would greatly appreciate your support in these difficult times for everyone, especially me with this heart disease, thank you very much.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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