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I want to help my church community to participate in a competition!

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Hi everyone!

This is Jeines, from Manado, Indonesia!

I'm raising funds to let my church youth community to participate in a competition!

My church community

Every weekend I always attend church for praying and other activities.

There is a community of young people where people can discuss about the Bible and also practice singing and dancing to participate in future competitions.

This year, they want to join an event that is going to be celebrated in August, an event that holds a dance and sing competition. I would like to help them to get enough funds to pay of the expenses!

A really good environment for young people

“Pesta seni remaja” is the name of the event we want to participate.

It's held once a year, and many church communities are participating. Our group is joining since 5 years ago.

Everytime I see them practicing their dancing and singing, I really think it's a good and possitive activitiy for them to have. Rather than drugs, or having any bad behaviour, to see them eager practicing and discussing really moves my heart and make me willing to help them.

This year, there is a huge lack of funds to be able to participate, and that's why I'm running this project to cooperate.

The money they gathered is not enough

This community is doing many different things every year to be able to gather the amount they need to participate.

They usually sing in different cafe shops, selling snacks at the street, or make some homemade craft and then sell them too.

But recently, they are having some difficulities to save enough money. I hope that I can raise with this project the amount they need to join the competition this year!

Details on needed funds

The total amount we need is $900, but we will use $100 from the church donations and our own savings. We will use the funds to buy new costumes, for the registration fee, paying dance and vocal group coach and also for the transportation fee to the venue. Your small amount of help will be really meaningful to us!


If I manage to collect enough funds, the church community will be able to participate in this year's event!

The event will be held on August 31st. I hope I can get the funds before 20th of August, so we will have enough time to prepare the costumes and any other necessities.

If we cannot get the funds, we will try our best as usually, like singing at cafe or selling some snacks at the street, and if it's not enough yet, we will delay our participation in this competition and use the funds for our next competition at Christmas.

I wish you can help our church youth community! All of your help will be really appreciated! May God bless you always!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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