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Organic Mushroom Farm Construction.

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My name is Armando Ramirez, from Guatemala.

I am in my last year of Agricultural Engineering and due to the current situation due to covid-19 I had to leave my job. And I had planned to start to produce organic mushrooms in my place.

Lose job because of Covid-19

My dad is an agronomist, so my whole life has been related to field tasks.

I was working in an agricultural company in Guatemala but due to the covid-19 situation in my country I was suspended without pay.

I am looking for ways to generate income since the job situation is very complicated too.

Trying to start organic mushrooms business

In the place where I live there is a roofed structure, with access to water, and windows which is not used at all is a very large room which is empty

The idea is to start with an organic production of mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) with a yield of approximately 22 kg per square meter.

I plan to use a Dutch production system but it all depends on how much capital I can generate

Detail on needed funds

The amount of money required is not much, which I detail below:

1. 2 Weights: Which will be used to measure the necessary amounts of substrate and mycelium (mushroom seed) to use. Price: $ 30.00

2. Organic Substrate: Local market quotes average $ 15.00 for £ 30. The production system will use between 12kg and 15kg per production tray.

3. Metal trays or wooden containers: It depends on the amount of capital that can be generated to start the project. Ideally, the metal trays are easier to disinfect after use. In these containers is where the substrate will be placed so that the mushrooms can develop.

4. Mushroom Mycelium (Mushroom Seed): $ 210.00 for £ 40. (It is the minimum that the mycelium producing laboratory sends) is basically the main part of the investment funds.

So the total i need is aboutUS $300

Help me to start my business plan

Once I can raise the necessary capital to start, I will be reporting the progress of the mushroom growth on different platforms such as YouTube and / or Twitch, where I will be giving more information about the production process. (Required ambient temperatures, relative humidity, handling, ventilation, etc.)

Thank you so much in advance

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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