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Hello, my name is Jhony Quizada.

I am a 24 year old entrepreneur from Davao City, Philippines. I grew up in a poor-of-the poorest family. My father and mother are small farmers wherein they earned just an average of $3 per day to feed us all 8 siblings (1 died, we are now 7 left).

I tried my best for the better future

Ever since I was a kid, I helped my parents sell vegetables, and anything that we harvest in the mountain for as long it will generate money. Ever since I was kid, being an entrepreneur is already in my mind and blood. In my elementary days (Grade 1 to Grade 6) I walked 4 kilometers daily from our home situated in a mountain going to the school. I go to school rain or shine, with or without a meal. Poverty has never been a hindrance for me to finish studying. I graduated elementary as class valedictorian. In high school, I graduated with Honors + numerous leadership awards because I am passionate about activities related to students affairs and social works. I love helping individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being.

After I graduated high school, I immediately sought a job by applying in Sutherland Global Services as a call center agent where I passed all sets of exams but I failed to get the job because I was 17 yrs old. (4 months to go before reaching 18 years old). When I reached the legal age, I went back to Sutherland Call Center and I got hired last Jan 4,2014. I worked with them for a year as Sales and Billing Rep. of an american telco company. I resigned Feb 9,2015.

I pursued my passion on entrepreneurship and started running a travel and tours business called “Travibo"

After my employment journey, I pursued my endeavor in the field of entrepreneurship which enabled me to offer job opportunities to many people.

I have dedicated the last 7 years of my life to following my passion for entrepreneurship by running a travel and tours business called “Travibo” which came from the Visayan (local dialect) concept "basta Travel, bibo" , in English means "Travel with Joy". is a leading international travel & tours brand that creates opportunities for Filipinos to have better lives through affordable travel services.

When I started the business way back 2013 (to support my 4th year high school), it was just a simple Ticketing Business that caters flight booking on behalf of the traveler/customer (B2C transactions).

Come 2017, I saw the high demand of travel business and e-commerce in general. By that time then, I leveled up into Business To Business (B2B) transactions. Instead of catering just Business To Consumers (B2C) transactions and just flight booking service, I develop a software with official website and adopt a very unique business model which is the franchising which allows now other independent travel agents/affiliates and business establishments to use my software to transact different services available.

The goal of my software ( is very simple:

"A One-Stop Shop Platform To Service All Travel Needs and Beyond" by integrating all suppliers' API into my platform such as but not limited to the following: domestic and international flights, hotels, Holidays/Tour Packages, Activities/Excursions, Bus, Cruises, Transfers/Car Rentals, Mobile Recharge/ e-loading, Bills Payment, and Remittance/Money Transfers.

Our business is affected by Covid-19

Our software is partially running through web based and it has now a total of 806 members/affiliates. And we are expecting sign ups to double once we have all the services activated. Our affiliates consist of travel agencies with physical stores, unemployed, housewives, and students. We have supported them for the last 3 years and we are considered to be an important platform for individuals and business establishments to let them transact the services that we are in line with. Our affiliates/subscribers avail our system and they sell/market to the consumers/end users whatever the services that are available in our software which allows them to earn profit and sustain their needs. I also put a Referral / Rewards system on it so our existing affiliates are more enticed by recruiting more and more people to sign up.

Out of 12 services in our software, only 1 is the partially-automated service operational which is the domestic and international flights booking which benefited our affiliates the most.

On March 14, 2020 the government of Philippines imposed a national lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak and prohibited travel, public events, etc. We are hoping this ends May 2020, but as we watch the world cope with this virus, this is looking less likely. The closure of small, independent businesses, has forced our small enterprise to stop our daily operations. We cannot generate any income.

This is the biggest dilemma we have encountered so far because our payables such as operational expenses, employees wages, loans,etc. are continuous, yet we are earning zero this time.

Please help us rise up again.

We need to pay our employees pending salaries, debts on rentals, utilities, loans, and other operational expenses. And most importantly, we need our software to be fully operational by developing and activating the rest of the 11 services so that our affiliates can benefit from it and have our software be the no. 1 in the marketplace in the field of business franchise. Most importantly, it will enable our affiliates to still earn income out of the other services to be made available on our platform since travel is not earning this time.

To be able to do all of that, is in need of $120,000 USD which i describe below

The total i need is ₱7,000,000.00 or approximately about $120,000 USD.

With your donation you will not only prevent this business from bankruptcy but also, and most importantly, you are directly helping our employees and affiliates, and helping them survive to keep their jobs in place and cover their families’ basic needs as we cope with COVID-19.

Your contribution helps ensure we open our doors with our employees after restrictions due to the virus.

We are willing to pay lifetime business profit sharing to all institutions and individuals who can help us rise up from this biggest dilemma we are facing now.

You can also help with sharing my project with the share button. We count on you and much appreciate your help in this crisis!

My best regards,


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