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Fund me so that I can pay my tuition fees

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My dear friends،

I am writing this to you at a time of urgent need. I am desperately seeking your support to help me get the cash to try to get my 20-strong family out of Gaza and pay off my high-cost university banks that I cannot pay due to my family being under Bombing and war in Gaza where I can never communicate with them for the internet outage .

I'm currently an incoming student in Egypt studying at a fourth-year medical school and finding myself thousands of miles away، I feel helpless as my family is enduring the hardships of the ongoing crisis in Gaza and cannot send me any money, as I have no other source of income. It's become increasingly bad. I left Gaza on 26 September in the hope of continuing my university studies and eventually returning to the place I had always considered my home. I'm sure if I can get back to Gaza in the summer, it won't be the same. Everything is different, turned to ashes. The streets I spent with my friends after school are full of ashes; landmarks, buildings and people are ashes. Every day I try to reimagine them, but they slowly fade from my memory because I'm here rather than there. I can't see them again because they're all ashes now. And now, having been away from my family, dealing with wars is far worse for me. I've always lived side by side with my family, together.

Since October 7, I've been thinking about my family before myself. Every time I say this my heart aches more and divides into more pieces. They have witnessed death countless times, yet they have miraculously survived .

I fear their fear. I cry with them. People ask me how I am. I'm in a country where I know nothing about my family and loved ones.

As shown below, photos from the building where my family and I spent 8 years, where my parents did all their work to get it .

This Airfunding campaign has started to raise 75,109 dollars to make it easier for my family to be evacuated to Egypt where I am currently and pay off my college and living expenses . The breakdown of funds is as follows:

• USD 16,000 for immediate support: This portion will be dedicated to providing immediate assistance to my family as they make their way to safety in Egypt. It will cover their basic needs for housing, food and other necessities during the transitional period.

• USD 40,000 for permits and transit fees: bulk

USD 40,000 of this amount is necessary to cover expenses associated with obtaining permits to leave Gaza and required transit fees at the Egypt-Gaza border in Rafah. This amount is divided into 8000 dollars per person، Including my father, my mother, my older sister, her husband, her son (6 years old), her daughter (8 years old), my next sister, her husband and her eldest son (9 years old) and Her young son (7 years) and my sister, who follows her and her husband and daughter (one year and two months) and my sister, who follows her husband and her eldest daughter (5 years) and her infant daughter (8 months) And my sister ( 25 years ) and my younger sister (20 years) and my little brother (15years) .

And cover the expenses of my study 18000 where I pay in one semester 1500 dollars and annually I pay 3000 dollars for the university and 3000 dollars annually my living expenses in Egypt where I pay rent for housing worth 50 dollars and bills Monthly worth 50 dollars and personal expenses worth 200 dollars for 11 months of study every year for the next three years until I end my career and return to my homeland to serve him through my medical certificate Human and General Surgery in Egypt

• 1,109 USD to overhead spending such as Airfunding platform fees, exchange rate difference, incurred cost on transaction and withdrawal, etc..

Your donation, no matter how small, will have a significant impact and contribute to reuniting my family in a safe environment, paying my tuition fees and earning my university degree . The funds raised will be used transparently and efficiently to ensure that every dollar is directed towards securing their evacuation and paying for my studies in Egypt .

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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