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Funds to build a mosque for my community!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Benjamin Attoh and I live in Ghana.

I would like to build a mosque so the people from my community could pray there.

My cousin: An important person in my community

My cousin's name is Yahya. He is very respected in our community. He helps in general cleaning and prepares everything so people can pray in the space we have reserved for that.

The dream of my cousin Yahya is to have a proper mosque in our community to pray, as we currently pray in an open space.

It depends on the weather that we can pray or not.

When the sun is scorching it burns us and when it rains we can't pray because the rainfall comes into the praying space and it becomes dirty.

Also, there is no division among male and female, which is not how we are supposed to pray.

A dream from many years ago

My cousin is dreaming of building a mosque since many years ago.

We're a poor community and we've never have the chance to gather all necessary funds to build the mosque. But as it's really necessary for us we intend to do everything possible to fulfill this dream.

We have saved around $150. To save the total amount we need it could take several years.

A mosque for all our community

Everyone will be welcome to our mosque.

We will be able to pray without worrying about weather and we will have separated spaces for male and female. Elderly and young people will be able to read and learn about Koran.

Please, collaborate with us to make this dream come true!

Details on needed funds

We need $750 to build the mosque, as we've already saved $150!


If possible, we would like to start building the mosque in November of this year. It could take 3 months to finish the work, so we will be enjoying our mosque by spring of next year!

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