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Please Help My Family to Survive in this Lockdown Due to COVID19

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Hello! My name is Mary Jane, 32 years old, a single mom and I am the only breadwinner of my family. I am raising this fundraising campaign for my family and my sisters.

This is my story. Right now, I am here in Manila for work. But unfortunately, I have to stay at home because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine enforced by our government.

I understand that this is for our safety. My problem is because I just got started work as trainee here in Manila as a Call Center Agent when this pandemic has surged and we are force to stay at home. So the company training has stopped and of course, as a trainee, there is not much we can hope from our company.

Yes, government agencies offering instant loans are rampant but with strict requirements and I am not qualified yet. I have two young kids back in the province. My baby girl is 1 year old while my eldest is 5. My parents are taking care of them. Both of them are seniors, while my dad is half paralized so he needs very much attention from my mom as well.

I am supposed to send money once every 2 weeks but for almost a month now I am not able to do that because of this lockdown and no work. So they are now looking for my sister's family's care. My sister's family is also striving hard to survive because even in the province, they are also forced to stay at home.

They survive from a few kilos of rice given by the government there as subsidy. They have to make porridge every day in order to stretch the budget for a week. I cannot borrow from anyone here in my boardinghouse, they themselves are barely surviving. And my friends are also striving to survive.

Please, if you have an extra, even just a dollar, it’s a huge help for my family.


The funds will be used for:

1. My 1 year old daughter Stacy's medication. She has severe cough at the moment. She has no milk too.

2. My 5 year old son, Matthew, he needs anti-rabies Vaccination. He got bitten by the neighbours dog and has not fully done the vaccination session.

3. My paralized father, that needs his monthly medication for his high blood pressure.

4. Their food supply for survival. Please help my family survive. I love them so much it breaks my heart that I could not do anything for them.

5. My sister's family. She has four young kids. The husband cannot work also because of the lockdown.


I will be forever grateful to you, and I will make sure to pay it forward when time comes. Thank you so much in advance. I think this is my last resort now. Please, please, I am knocking your heart.

-Mary Jane

Me and my son, Matt

My mom and my 1 year old daughter, Stacy

My son, Matt

My dad.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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