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Unbreakable Spirit : A Nurse-Mother's Battle

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Over the past two years, our family has been facing OUR TOUGHEST BATTLES we have ever encountered- physically, emotionally and mentally. It all began in the final months of 2023 when my Dada we fondly call him, the pillar of our home, started experiencing persistent stomach pains and bowel issues in November. Recognizing the seriousness of the situation, my mom, who is a nurse, advised him to see a doctor the following month and undergo an ultrasound to determine the cause of his discomfort, as he needed an X-ray for the renewal of his government permits. After thorough laboratory tests, the doctor diagnosed him with Stage IV Colon Cancer.

As a result, my mom had to take a leave from her profession to dedicate herself to taking care of my Dada. Over the course of 18 months, he underwent multiple surgeries, ranging from minor to major, endured three cycles of chemotherapy, and made countless visits to the hospital. Meanwhile, my Mama began experiencing sacral/hip pain radiating to her left knee starting in March of 2023, which made it difficult for her to get in and out of bed and walk. This added to the already immense burden she was carrying. Despite her own struggles and challenges, she hid her emotional distress, often crying in private to shield my Dada from the knowledge that she, too, was not okay. Sadly, my Dada passed away in June 2023, leaving us with a profound sense of loss and an overwhelming pain that still persists. Our families have yet to find solace, and the mourning and grieving process continues.

For a while, we managed to cope with the situation. My mama made sure to seek medical attention whenever possible. Despite numerous visits to clinics and consultations with different doctors, it wasn't until December that she discovered changes in a lump in her breast. Recalling the events of 2023, she underwent three breast ultrasounds to monitor the lump, which consistently appeared cystic and slow-growing. However, in the recent developments, such as discoloration and accelerated growth extending palpably into her armpit, have raised concerns.

As a nurse by profession, she knew that there wasn’t any lapses in clinical visits, consultations and tests done. The time span was short and it had progressed into this. The doctors recommended a bone scan and the recent result yielded unfavorable results indicating immediate need for surgery and chemotherapy. The tests have confirmed our worst suspicions: it is an aggressive carcinoma, a form of breast cancer. Yet, she has a strong will to survive, driven by the need to care for her two children.

Being a professional nurse, she was well aware that there were no shortcomings in terms of clinical visits, consultations, and tests conducted. The duration of time was brief but it had already led to this outcome. The medical practitioners advised a bone scan, and the recent findings revealed unfavorable results, indicating an urgent requirement for surgery and chemotherapy. The tests have validated our gravest concerns: it is a highly aggressive carcinoma, a type of breast cancer. Nevertheless, she possesses a resilient determination to survive, fueled by the necessity to provide for her us, her two children who she has left.


In our pursuit of an enhanced management plan for her condition, we have sought assistance from medical facilities in Guangzhou, China. These hospitals offer a comprehensive therapeutic approach that has proven success in treating cancer. Our consultations with the doctors have indicated that she may require 2-3 treatments, which could include Interventional Therapy, Cryotherapy, Trans Arterial Chemo Embolization, and Immuno Cell Therapy. However, it is important to note that these treatments come with significant costs. Despite the financial challenges, we firmly believe that this avenue may be our only hope, and we are resolute in our decision to pursue it.


The entire family, especially our family, along with her two teenage children, has experienced a difficult journey of physical and emotional recovery. Mama, taking time off from work, made the decision to provide personal care for Dada. The ongoing uncertainty surrounding Dada’s prognosis has been emotionally devastating, and the accumulating financial burden is affecting everyone in the family. It feels as though we are once again navigating through a similar ordeal, without fully recovering from the previous challenges we faced.

Those fortunate enough to know my Mama can attest to her remarkable kindness and selflessness, which are defining traits of her character. Her nurturing presence extends beyond our immediate family; she has been a steadfast friend to many. As a compassionate nurse, she has dedicated a significant part of herself to caring for the most vulnerable members of our community. When she made the decision to temporarily suspend her work to personally attend to Dada, we wholeheartedly supported her choice. She consistently prioritizes the well-being of others above her own, a true testament to her caring nature.

During this difficult period, as Mama grapples with unanswered questions, it is of utmost importance for her to understand that many of us are thinking of her and deeply concerned. Even in her moments of despair, we want to assure her that we are standing by her side, offering unwavering support, love, and a commitment to do everything within our means for her well-being.


To make this possible, we have set a goal to raise a minimum of 1.5 million pesos. This amount will cover the expenses for Mama's trip to China and the associated costs for one accompanying person. Additionally, we need to prepare for the necessary chemotherapy sessions and other tests before her journey.

We humbly ask for your assistance in this journey. Having faced significant challenges, we cannot bear the thought of losing another loved one at this time. While your prayers hold great value, considering the circumstances, your financial support will make a substantial difference. We extend our gratitude to everyone willing to share this post or contribute with a donation, regardless of its size. Your support is deeply appreciated. Your generosity means the world to us.


BPI [ Bank of the Philippine Islands ]


Account No. : 1039 0846 31


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