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Hello everyone!

I am Ceci Crisafulli and since 2015, together with my partner Volker Haar, we have been carrying out our agroecological venture called Finca El Milagro - Conscious Agriculture.

Our Mission is to redeem Mother Earth, so that the Creative Feminine Energy once again has the sacred character that corresponds to it.

In resonance, we are dedicated to producing organic farm eggs, medicinal aromatics, plums, peaches, pomegranates and seasonal vegetables (sweet potato, tomato, round cucumber, pumpkin, elephant's foot garlic, etc.); always working in harmony with Mother Earth, water, soil, plants, the human being and the entire cosmos, and in permanent prayer. Conscious agriculture is nourished, on the one hand, by the knowledge of natural, organic, agroecological and biodynamic agriculture, without being tied to any of them; and on the other hand, of the work of man (farmer), acting as a channel of the Christ or Universal energy, to anchor it in the earth, through prayer in action. In this way, we become aware that man is another element of nature (the fifth) and that he interacts with the other four: water, earth, fire and air. P>

Our values are: Conscious work, social integration, love for Mother Earth, vocation of service towards the new humanity.

The farm is located in Fray Luis Beltrán, province of Mendoza, Argentina.< /p>

We market all our production at 2 organic fairs in Mendoza; and the customers who choose our products are people with health problems and people who value consuming poison-free and GMO-free foods.

We started our project with very few financial resources. The land was not ours, they lent it to us. At the end of the pandemic, we had the opportunity to buy it, paying part of it in cash and mortgaging the rest in 3 annual installments. In December 2023, the second installment expired and due to the unstable economy in Argentina, we have not been able to raise the money to pay it. We need to raise USD 1,500 to be able to make the payment, and we have one month to achieve it. Otherwise the creditor will auction off the property and we will be left with nothing.

You can see everything we do on our social networks Instagram and Facebook

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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