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I want to pay for my education at a foreign university

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Hello! My name is Kuksova Anastasia, I am 23 years old and I am a computer science teacher in Moscow.

I am interested in pedagogy and the problems of modern education. I believe that once, I will be able to change established beliefs and make education as comfortable as possible for people of all ages and social status.

I want to get a student visa and enter the magistracy of Victoria University (Melbourne) with a degree in Master of Teaching (Secondary Education) to continue my education for the further development as a specialist. This will take a little more than two years. I also have a development plan as a trainer in educational issues and disciplines.

For complete training, about 50,000 USD is required, which is an unbearable amount for me and my parents.

My financial situation does not allow my dream to come true. With the current level of education, I don’t earn enough to develop further. I can’t ask for help from my family, because our financial situation will not cover even the part of the amount that I need for admission and study. My salary will not cover anything, given the daily and monthly expenses for the most important for life. But with further education and development, I have a chance to increase my level of knowledge, increase income and live a quiet life with a stable financial situation and develop myself as a specialist, to help teachers from all over the world as a trainer.

My budget plan consists of three categories:

1. Student visa (with which I can also work and support myself financially) - 606 AUD (fee).

2. University fees (for 2 years) - 52000 AUD.

3. Means of living in a new country for the first time, before finding a job - about 10,000 AUD (this includes housing, food and transport).

In dollars, the amount is approximately 40,000 USD. For the Australian dollar, the required amount is 62,606 AUD. Other expenses, including tickets, expenses in Russia for paperwork and IELTS exam- I can provide by myself.

I want to become a coach in this area to help educators improve their skills and more consciously approach their actions and their role in teaching children. I believe that most of the methodological problems can be avoided in advance if you look from the side at your actions in a specific case and analyze them qualitatively.

I support the introduction of computerization in the educational process and I am always at the forefront in this matter. Continuing education as the meaning of life.

Thank you for your understanding and concern!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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