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Medical expenses for cat infectious peritonitisare NT$80,000

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Goal $4,000

Remaining days 98 days

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Hello everyone,

Collect about 80,000 yuan for infectious peritonitis cat medical expenses, please help! Let the cat survive! On 2/7, the eyes began to mutate. He was taken to the animal hospital many times, and he also went to a lot of animal hospitals. None of them was found to have infectious peritonitis. It was not until 3/12 that a friend introduced an animal hospital and drove for more than two hours to the examination that he found that he had infectious peritonitis. At present, I have been epileptic four times, with loss of appetite and weight loss. I can't see it in my eyes. It takes about NT$80,000 to apply 441 drugs as soon as possible, which is a very huge number for me as a student. This injection is very painful! The cat needs to be brave and endure the pain to finish the medicine, but it takes 84 days for such a treatment to recover and no longer relapse, and is about to face death before the age of one. Can you help him? Please everyone🙏If you can press "Provide help through sharing" to help me repost, I will be very happy!



2/7開始眼睛變異 陸陸續續帶去動物醫院看診很多次,也去了非常多間的動物醫院,沒有一間是發現他是傳染性腹膜炎,直到3/12朋友介紹一間動物醫院,立馬開了兩個多小時的車程去檢查,才發現是得了傳染性腹膜炎,目前癲癇四次,食慾不振,體重下降,兩眼看不見,需要盡快施打441藥物約需要80000元新台幣,這對我這個學生來說是個非常龐大的數字。



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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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