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Noble Project : Revenue for Orphans, Homeless, Medic, etc

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Hi, My Name is Deddy Juli Waidiansyah As and I come from Indonesia!

I am the founder of Sodaggar e-commerce platform. I want to launch my startup business to public that have many benefit for many people! Curently I am desperate because I don't have enough fund again to make this project a reality. That is why i asking for your generous support!

Traditional market that difficult to compete with online market

As everyone know thet recently, many company and traditional market can’t compete with online market. together with technology, online market spread so fast within the time.

Many kiosk or traditional store bankrupt and close their store because thecustomer getting less day by day and they need to fired the worker because cannot paid them

Because from that reason above, i thinking to help them especially for traditional market to able to compete with online store/market with easier e-commerce platform that also will give them benefit in the future.

About "Sodaggar" e-commerce

Sodaggar is a B2B2C ecommerce project that carries the concept of the marketplace, when compared to existing ecommerce, this project uses a blockchain technology and community approach so that users gain knowledge and experience of the benefits and ways of using technology, it also allows sodaggar to reap large revenues and this income is actually provided to help homelessness, medical assistance, natural disaster relief, orphans strays, etc , and can be seen by the public transparently

Sodaggar is a place to bring traditional markets and consumers widely to make product purchase transactions at low prices, for traditional market players using this application is very easy to operate and quickly understood when compared to other applications.

In simple way, sodaggar will be easy to use and will gave benefit to the users.

About 1 year to realize sodaggar, but I get stuck in the middle

This idea is came out at june 2018, I have done various researches and evaluations to validate ideas to make sodaggar launched.

I managed to get financial support of IDR 10 million (about $700) from his family and i have spent it on the research process and securing the domain name. That finally I able to make domain

However, i have run out of funds to continue my project to the next stage to launch Sodaggar and make prototype and MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The costs required are greater than the previous costs, because it relate to the technical services of the agency team.

That is why I need support from people in the world with a little money so I can continue this project again. Only one more step when the prototype is finished I can pitch to get an attraction for venture capital or angel investors and make this project more realized.

Details on Needed Funds

The funds i gathered will i use to make this sodaggar launched in public. The total i need is about $2000. The detail is in below:

Prototype, design and logo : $280

Cloud vps hosting : $380

Make website $1100

Unexpected and maintenance $240

Your support means a lot to me and the dreams of others. I will write your name in a diary, website or Wikipedia so that I can easily remember you. Please also visit my Facebook : Project : Email :

In case i didn;t recieve enough support, i will continue to raise funds and look for other alternatives such as participating in a startup competition that accepts participants at an early stage. your support will be means a lot for me! thank you in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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