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Please help Chi out (multiple organ failure)

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Hello everyone,

I am Chi’s owner and the mother of two cats

Before Qingming Festival, I found that Chi had a loss of appetite and was in low spirits

At the time, I thought it was I had a gastrointestinal problem, so I took gastrointestinal medicine home after seeing the vet

I took medicine during Qingming Festival, but I didn’t eat or drink all day long. My favorite minced meat stuck in my mouth and I even got out of the way. , and Chi, who is usually lively and jumpy, has no energy at all

The veterinary hospital near my home will not be open during Qingming Festival

I knew that I should go to the emergency room at this time, but I wanted to say that I had already eaten. We have to wait for the medicine to take effect

On Thursday night, Chi felt very, very obviously uncomfortable, and his posture became more and more strange, so he rushed to the hospital on Friday

The doctor took a test After a temperature check, it was found that the matter was serious and he needed to be sent to a 24-hour hospital...

It was lunch break when he rushed to the emergency hospital, but the doctor read the examination report and immediately started emergency treatment. It turned out that at this time, Chi Every second counts, life is passing by little by little

Chi and his brother Xiaodi are both 9 years old. I didn’t expect that I would get seriously ill at this age. To be honest, I didn’t know what happened until the doctor explained it. According to the severity of the disease, I originally thought that it could be cured with at most 10,000 to 20,000 yuan.

But after emergency treatment and more examinations, the doctor discovered that Chi had many, many diagnoses at the same time, some of which conflicted with each other, making the treatment more complicated. Difficulties

Chi acidemia was the most serious at that time, and the value was too high to be measured by the machine

But he also had diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, and pancreatitis.... /p>

Pancreatitis makes Chi not want to eat, but diabetes makes him want to drink water and eat, so the original doctor did not diagnose it immediately after seeing high blood sugar

The conclusion is At least 100,000

When I heard this number, I was really desperate. Chi was still young, so why did he suddenly die in the gate of hell? At this time, he had never been so weak in the cage

In fact, almost 100,000 have been spent so far

The doctor worked very hard to help Chi. Qi Ye is very upbeat

Slowly out of danger

But complications occurred. Due to multiple organ failure, the immune system exploded, and white blood cells began to attack their own good cells. Now red blood cells are still It's dangerously low. I've already had two hematopoietic injections and may need blood transfusions. The cost keeps going up.

As long as the red blood cells pass, Chi can go home to see Xiaodi

You can stay with me longer

Before this incident, although I was a student and had no income, I didn’t spend much. Anyway, I only wore the few clothes I had and lived a comfortable life. I am not particularly anxious about money

This is the first time I have spent such a large amount of money, and it keeps increasing...

Please help Chi. Yes, a little donation is a big help

He will be able to go home soon. When he comes home, in addition to continuing to take insulin and monitor blood sugar, I will stick to him every day and spoil him< /p >

Let Chi bark and run around and annoy everyone like before:')

If you can click "Help by sharing" to help me repost it, I will Will be very happy!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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