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It is undeniable that with new technologies, home banking and mobile banking have become the main channel through which we interact with our bank and carry out all kinds of transactions. However, despite the enormous degree of innovation and modernization that this type of service has undergone, ultimately, banks have not changed much. And despite the new apps provided by some banking services, many are lacking. And that is exactly what we set out to modify. Create an app that contains all banking or financial services and is easy to use. Make it SIMPLE.


One of the main differences between Simple and other types of apps is that it has endless services and possibilities that not even a traditional bank has. And all transactions are done through the mobile application. Simple customers, after account opening and service category, may request a debit card, which can be used to make any type of payment, to access the entire ATM network anywhere in the world . All this without any cost. They can also associate any other credit, debit or prepaid card they have with the App. Just by having money in the account they will receive interest on the average monthly balance or choose to constitute a fixed term at very convenient rates.

Depositing checks, a widely used financial instrument even today, is very simple and does not require moving to a branch. It will only be enough to take a photo of both sides of the check and upload it to the application and the accreditation will be done in a few hours.

At the same time, issuing a check does not require a checkbook, but rather completing a simple form in the App and the App will send the check by mail to the recipient in less than 48 hours, who can use it like any other traditional check. Likewise, it will be possible to make and receive transfers at no cost to and from any own bank account, or that of a third party. Everything in a simple way, and in a few steps.

But perhaps one of the most attractive functions that the App will offer is the option of obtaining reports about the expenses incurred. It will allow you to see what was spent without the need to access the card summary or transaction history. Instead, this tool offers charts that divide purchases into categories, and that allow visualizing how monthly expenses are divided. It will also allow you to see in detail one or more purchases, and determine where the money went. And just as we can keep an intelligent record of what was spent, the app will allow us to save intelligently. This will be done through a function in which it is possible to set savings goals for different purposes, such as paying rent at the end of the month, making a purchase in particular, savings in general, savings for vacations, etc. And the app will automatically calculate how much money you must debit per day from the account to place in those savings goals.

And there are still many advantages, such as the option of buying and selling dollars, cryptocurrencies, investing in a capitalization fund with the highest market rate or requesting a loan according to the credit profile.

At the same time, it will offer a program of multiple benefits, such as a refund on the value of purchases, points for the money deposited, which can be exchanged for money, purchase orders, etc. And a referral program, which gives you credit for each person who signs up using your code.

Simple's customer service will be fast and efficient. You will have a 24-hour online operator to answer any type of query.


The high degree of innovation devised for Simple generated, from the first day, enormous interest from our developers and other team members who began to work immediately and collaboratively to shape it. We have our team fully focused and motivated to complete the development, put it into action and launch the app. At this moment we are in a crucial stage of the project and that is why we require capital to be able to complete it. For this we need your contribution and your financial help, which is essential and with the app in service it will give you benefits that will exceed your contribution. Simple's project will allow us to demonstrate the enormous potential that mobile technology has to reinvent some of the most traditional industries, and to simplify processes that, even with the help of technological advances in recent decades, are still complex and impractical for an immense consumer portion. We believe that together we can do more.

Help us to be SIMPLE. Thank you!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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