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I can't afford the medical bills for a stray cat after it was hit by a car

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Hello everyone,

I am "Xie Juchen" from Taipei, Taiwan. I usually live near my home (Section 2, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District, Bei City). I am currently dealing with the stray cats that appear regularly and irregularly for feeding/elimination. There are 10 worms/ligated in total (including the injured one, temporarily called Huahua.) Huahua appeared near my home in January 2024, and was about one year old. She went to feed him at around 16:30 in the evening on April 18, 2024. At that time, we found that he could no longer walk on his right hind foot and started to limp. We immediately sent him to the hospital for examination on the morning of April 19. The doctor initially determined that it was a strong impact that caused bone displacement and ligament rupture, so it should be considered that it was caused by a vehicle impact. The process went through diagnosis in three hospitals, and the doctors’ conclusions were not consistent. The cost of the surgery itself also covers preoperative hospitalization/drugs (pain relief/anesthetics/anti-inflammation), preoperative & postoperative X-ray costs, which are roughly estimated to be 80,000 to 90,000. NTD, if we need rehabilitation after surgery, we will need to prepare tens of thousands of dollars more, which is a huge burden and pressure for us. We really have mixed feelings, and we even thought about whether we should hand it over to the Animal Welfare Department. Because the two original cats at home were adopted from stray cats, the Animal Welfare Office gave us the experience in the past that we didn’t have time to deal with each animal one by one, so we could only leave them in cages until they became sick and died naturally. This is definitely a change of direction. Discarded, and finally decided to handle it on her own. In addition to the period of hesitation and the nearly 9 days of waiting for the doctor's surgery day, Huahua continued to delay the operation process. The wound was already covered by the fascia of the body's own recovery ability, thus increasing the time required for the operation. In addition to the difficulty, the doctor who performed the surgery took 7 X-rays and observed... Only after surgery can we know whether there are broken bones and fragments (because X-rays cannot show whether there are fragments) on 4/30 12:00 The operation started at 19:00 on 4/30. The operation was successfully completed. There were no bone fragments. The doctor moved the displaced bones back with bare hands. However, four artificial ligaments still had to be connected. Currently, he is still recuperating in the hospital on May 3. According to observation, it is expected that after May 7, he can gradually be taken back to his home to take care of him and recuperate. For these stray cats and dogs, they have no choice but to accept the reality. The current plan is... Regardless of whether the doctor determines whether rehabilitation is needed, we will first save money and try to take care of it ourselves. Look, if Huahua needs your help, I believe we can provide him with a better recovery environment and medical resources. So here we hope to receive everyone's support and financial assistance so that we can provide Huahua with better care. Thank you. If you see this and can click "Help by sharing" to help repost, we will be really happy and touched!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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