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My best friend, Slinky needs surgery, help us !!

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Hi there,

My name is Aldo Zuñiga Silva. 27 years old and I am from Mexico.

Currently, my best friend Slinky, a dachshund need surgery and i seek for his medical expenses

Slinky was an abandoned dog

We adopted Slinky 5 years ago.

He had been abandoned by his former owners, he was very weak and sick,

But with time, love and the necessary care he recovered and became an essential member of our family, we love him.

He has problem with his ears, and need to perform a surgery

Since we started the project, the plan has been simple and always the same, to raise the necessary funds to help Slinky with his surgery and also to treat his illnesses,

what caused the problem in his ear, if we had money to spare, We plan to spend it on everything necessary for our pets, so that this problem does not recur, now we know that prevention is better than regret.

Our financial difficulty, at least about $2,832 is needed to treat his illness

We live in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and the problem we need to solve is covering the medical expenses of slinky surgery, which is surgery, hospitalization, and medications.

We resorted to this tool because we are desperate and scared, in this quarantine my partner and I have lost our jobs, and we do our best working from home, we sell food to our neighbors but it is not enough to cover everything Slinky needs.

With the money we manage to collect we will pay the following:

First consultation: $200, then we will have to pay for two laboratory studies that must be carried out before surgery, which have a cost of $250 each, to determine the process to follow for Slinky.

If everything goes well, what follows is the surgery $2200, and after the surgery we will have to attend after care consultations for two weeks, the number of subsequent consultations is not yet determined, the consultations have a cost of $200, we will also Buying Slinky the medicine she needs after surgery, she couldn't tell us which ones we need, until after the laboratory tests, but the doctor estimated between $1000 of treatment. The last thing is to buy an Elizabethan collar to avoid getting hurt again.

I know that convincing yourself of something like this will be difficult, I only ask you to think about life and love, surely you have a memory that makes it easier for you to understand me, we really ask for it from the heart, the money we will use for Slinky's medical expenses and Also to buy everything he needs.

Thank you very much for the help, we are desperate and very concerned about Slinky, I hope you can help us, Slinky will thank you with all my heart!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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