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Food for a smile.

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“Food for a Smile” gives food for 300 to 400 children in extreme poverty.

Its located at Salta, Argentina, and does not receive formal or regular help from government or any other organization.

It works only due to great hearts. Volunteers make unbelievable effort to accomplish their goal: Children must eat.

One of the keys of that wonderful project was my father. He, at his near 90 years old, dedicated to help the feeder. The feeder is in charge of Cristinta, who cooks for free every day, or it is better to say, every day there is a food.

My father got help from donators. It was his job to make the donations come true. One of the donators was his friend Juan Manuel, who got involved in the project with love and passion.

Another thing my father did was something exceedingly difficult for all of those children. He tried to make them smile. He did great things in order to do that. He, with the help of a lot of people, took the children to a cinema for the first time. They feed hamburgers for all them, they gave them surprises… they gave them a spark of hope, and a smile.

Last April happened something that not only devasted me, but the feeder. My father died. And that event jeopardized the continuity of the project. From that day, they didn’t have donators (

It was incredibly sad, but this is a reality. Children did not eat for days. Not only my father’s death happened, but COVID-19 quarantine.

Juan Manuel, my father friend, noticed that and from that moment decided to keep my father work alive. (

The children have a food again. And a great movement was made by a lot of donators help again. But indeed, they are still in troubles. This kind of project is always in a long term.

The feeders needs a lot of things. They cook at the street. They do not have enough cooking appliances. The place is insecure, and it is always stolen. They need money for food, and clothes. So, to explain it shortly. THEY NEED HELP.

Thank you very much for any help!!!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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