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Seeking help to be able to return to Japan!

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Hello! My name is Edu, I'm from Málaga, a city in southern Spain's Andalucia.

My dream is to return to Japan and continue to learn its culture, way of life and improve my Japanese.

Why Japan?

I don't remember at what age I became so interested in Japan, probably when I was much younger and watched a lot of anime, but I became much more interested when I started listening to Japanese music.

Back in 2011, I began playing the bass in a band with two friends I had known since 2007, who have now become my family.

It is thanks to the band, and those friends who I have so much in common with, that my interest in Japan continued to grow.

In 2014 my two band mates made their dream come true by moving to Japan.

And although I was happy for them, I couldn't help to feel sad due to our separation.

Studying in Japan

Employment is not at its best in Spain, a job is hard to come by, and if you are lucky enough to get one, both the working conditions and the salary are very poor.

I was lucky and got a job shortly after my friends left as a hotel receptionist. I worked hard every night just so I could save as much money as I could to go to Japan.

Schools are both very expensive and demanding, however I believe I adapted rather well to their culture and customs, striving to learn the language and going to arubaito every afternoon.

Working Holiday Visa

When I graduated school, sadly I had to return to Spain; however I was lucky as they had just announced a new Visa which would allow me to go back to Japan for another year!

It was one of the best experiences of my life, apart from adapting more to the culture, bettering my Japanese, and being able to work in Japan, I was able to play 2 to 3 concerts a month, something which helped to bring me and my new family even closer, and gave me the opportunity to meet new and wonderful people.

And now...

Upon my return to Spain, I find myself trapped in a country that gives me no opportunity to advance, and I long to return to Japan and continue to learn the language, the culture, and to reunite with my family.

The lack of work in Spain makes it impossible to save up for my return, and I hardly have enough money to make ends meet here.

I am currently helping my father in his work, while I hope to save enough to go back.

Once I reach my goal of returning to Japan, I intend to further improve my Japanese, continue to learn the culture and customs, and continue to make music with my band.

Details on needed funds

Plane ticket - $800

Lodgings, transport, food (for two months) - $2000

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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