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Support My Amazing Sister, an Ischemic Stroke Survivor

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Hi everyone!

I'm Jesica López, 36 years old, from Arlöv, Sweden. I've been living outside Colombia (in Denmark) for the last 11 years. Now I'm in a doctoral program at Lund University

My sister in Bogotá suffers from multiple diagnoses

My beloved sister's health condition back in Bogotá is worrying, I need to help her. Her name is Janeth.

In 2010, at the age of 36, Janeth's life changed drastically due to an ischemic stroke. At that time her kids were 14 and 7 years old.

She survived, but nowadays Janeth is found with a diagnosis of ischemic ACV, cephalic tremor, and application of toxins by the Neurology Center of the University Hospital of San Jose in Bogotá. She is becoming dependent on the constant physical, respiratory, and psycho-motor therapies for her well being.

Around five years ago she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and went through surgery and chemotherapy. Now she fought this one again as she also fought the diabetes, a diagnosis she got few years ago. She kept fighting despite the circumstances.

Recently, she had bronchitis and she was at the hospital, luckily she tested negative for COVID-19.

We need external support to help her

Her social security has covered some expenses, but not all. Especially for her expensive medical bills, my family is trying hard to keep up with the expenses.

Due to COVID-19 times, things have been especially affected and we thought that crowdfunding would be a way to get some support.

Some of her medicine is very expensive, costs of medical transportation, as well as particular daily care products for her specific nutrition requirements, self-care, and well being, in general, are some of the things why we decided to do it.

She is my hero, please hep her

While you have been reading my sister's story, you have also read the story of the journey of one of my heroes in life! She is a true fighter, she has the kindest and pure hearth, she has the most beautiful motherly soul and I can not describe it in words. I would really like to invite you to help me out and raise the money to support a small amount for us maybe, but a life-changing opportunity for her to keep up with her life and be blessed by the hope that this world is still a wonderful place to leave in.

Thanks for your help and support, Janeth and I will be forever grateful. Blessings.

This is our picture when I visited her for Christmas last year in 2019.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project! THANK YOU!


Sadly she passed away on the 19th of May 2020, and I have reached to everyone that contributed to this project and we all agreed that the money will instead of cover treatment bills, it will help me and my family to support cover some of her funeral service bills in Bogotá. She was buried this week, on Monday.

Attached is the bill of her funeral in Spanish. The funeral services cost us 2.283,93 USD. We are looking forward for your support. Thank you.

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