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Helping my uncle's medication and hospital bill.

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Hello everyone,

I am Marie Grace Yray, from Cebu Philippines.

I'm raising funds for the medication of Edgardo Castro, 53 years old, my uncle who is working as a security guard to raise a big family.

My uncle diagnosed with pulmonary embolism

You might ask why I am doing this. I was an orphan technically my mom left me when I was 8 months old but the family of this man adopted me and raised me as their own so now I am paying them back though I can't do it the same way they did.

Now this man is currently confined at Chong hua hospital in Cebu City and was diagnosed to have pulmonary embolism.

My uncle is a kind and generous person

What I really admired the most about this man is he is a family man. Working as a guard at night and took care of the animals like chicken, pigs and cow at daytime.

He never let spare time pass by and he did nothing. But now that he is in hospital bed he won't be able to work again and raise his family.

And even their animals were sold already due to this crisis that we're in now and that makes it more difficult for them.

Hospital bill exceed almost 200,069 PHP (approx US $ 4,000)

He already went through many hospital procedures and tests and recently found out that his lungs do have water that needs to be taken out. And that procedure cost too much that as of today the hospital bill has reached 200,069.00 pesos.

Doctors' fee is not yet included. But Fortunately he is negative of covid as the test result said. We never know up to how much we have to pay but I know God will provide.

I was able to help him but I couldn't give more since I have no more job for now.

We already sold the Backyard animals. The youngest son already sold his drawings and paintings. But still not enough. The last time he was confined which up to now is till paying that debt we owe to other people. And adding this up we are totally broken. My uncle is only a security guard earning only a Philippine minimum wage. Wife has no job only taking care of backyard animals. A little help from you would be great. For us small things count.

This family needs help please be a blessing! I will post updates from time to time so you will all know the progress.

Thank you very much.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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