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Hello everyone

Hoping that you are all safe and healthy during this time of pandemic.

I am Kia Mari, 24 years old, from Makati City Philippines. I started using this platform on behalf of my family. This fundraising project is for my father Juan Joyo Parilla.

Our hardworking Dada Juan Joyo Parilla: 59 years old, born on February 8, 1961. Aviation Security Officer. Diagnosed with Abdominal Wall Rhabdomyosarcoma Stage IV.

September 2019. This journey began when Dada felt a marble-size lump under the skin of his right abdomen area. Painless. Because of hospital anxiety and being so diligent at work, he always disregard going for checkup.

December 2019. The size of the lump grew aggressively. The growth started to cause pain so this finally made him decide to consult a doctor in our city’s public hospital. 

Photo taken December 21, 2019:

The diagnosis was Soft Tissue Sarcoma on his right lower abdomen. Malignant. We were told that the tumor can be removed by operation. As an outpatient, we’ve encountered a lot of delays and disappointments. They didn’t take him in for admission because we were not yet scheduled for operation. We were told that they will just contact us once we are already on the list for surgery. We even ran there for an emergency, but only pain relievers were given to manage the pain. Then they would send us back home again. 

Photo taken January 25, 2020:

Waiting stretched for more than a month. The pain grew more from right lower abdomen up to his right leg. At this point, he had difficulty when walking because some nerves were already compressed.

January 2020, we were referred and transferred to Philippine General Hospital by God’s grace.

Photo taken February 14, 2020: 

The operation was successful

February 29, 2020, his surgery and skin grafting were finally resumed. It was safe and successful. They took the tumor for biopsy right away.

We celebrated this victory. We were happy for such time because his pain was slowly dissipating. He was able to walk again on his own with minimal assistance.

Photo taken March 8, 2020:

Photo taken March 22, 2020:

March 28, 2020. After a month, the biopsy result was released. Negative margins. But still needing a surveillance. 

The Biopsy result:

We cannot go for checkup at PGH anymore by this time because they are now a COVID Center, only accommodating COVID patients. We are just communicating to the doctors via Viber. 

Dada started to become weak again, his sarcoma is really aggressive

Photo taken April 19, 2020:

April 22, 2020. We were able to conduct the laboratory tests, as requested by PGH.

As per the Doctor, his sarcoma is really aggressive. There is recurrence based on lab results, and on the actual photos that we sent. There are now multiple nodules scattered in the lungs, and fluid. We also noticed a nodule on his neck.

Photo taken April 23, 2020:

April 26, 2020. He had difficulty in breathing because of his lung condition. He now agreed to be brought to Makati Medical Center as a last resort, despite his fear of being isolated. He has been a PUI because of the respiratory symptom. Praise God the SWAB result is negative.

Oxygen, Hemoglobin, Sodium had dropped below normal. 

Mounting Hospital Bills reach $9,500 USD

Now, we are spending a week here in Makati Med. He is being monitored. Taking meds. Taking different laboratory tests everyday. Had blood transfusion twice. He has oxygen support. Using nebulizer, and inhaler. He has pigtail to drain the fluids in his lungs, and catheter on the other side.

Total running balance as of 10:37 PM May 3, 2020 is P 475,534.54. Doctor’s professional fee is not yet included. 

Together with the prior support of family and friends, we were able to give partial payment last May 1, 2020 amounting to P 78,000.00. Praise Jesus!

Please support us to get through this

We do not have enough to cover this escalating expense, and the chemotherapy that he has to undergo. May our prayers be answered through your generosity.

Let’s altogether pray for his condition to become enormously stable so that he can finally proceed to his chemotherapy to prevent the spread of sarcoma.

Dada has been through a lot and still fighting! All glory and praise belongs to the Lord! I believe that He is in control. He will provide and He is a miracle worker! Lord, rescue us!  God bless us all always.

Any concern, you may reach us at +639056661528.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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