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I want to study in England to improve my English!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Eda and I live in Gaziantep, a city of Turkey!

In order to advance in my profession, I need to study English to achieve a business level.

With a better English skills my work and my monthly income will be improved

Working on exportation, that is my profession, to speak fluent English is a must.

Exporting work requires to contact with many companies abroad and a proper English knowledge is necessary. My country is not enough to achieve that level I need.

For that, I need to go abroad to improve my English until getting a business leve.

Having this experience will help me to move forward in my profession and find a good position.

I want to attend an intensive course in Liverpool, England.

There is this course named "Study and live in your teacher's home".

This is a course you can do for a short period of time in which you can study many hours and communicate with native people that will help you to improve very fast.

There are weekly and monthly courses, it depends of your objetive and, of course, your budget.

The good thing is that with this course it's necessary to practice and have conversations only in English, which is the best way to learn a language in a short period of time.

Helping my parents to pay the school tuition of my sister

Monthly income is not regular in our family.

The quantity of work of my dad depends of the month, and my mum is not working. My sister is going to College and I'm helping to pay her tuition, so I don't have left many savings.

If I could improve my English and get a good job and salary I would be able to support my family better.

Details on needed funds

I really hope you could help me to raise $1,100 that I will use to be able to attend this course in Liverpool and improve my English skills.


If I can collect enough funds I would like to attend the course from June of next year.

The longer I study in England the more I will learn, but I will choose the course duration depending of my budget!

If I'm not able to collect enough funds I will keep saving until being able to afford the course. This is very important for my future and my family, so I will do my best to improve my English skills and get a good job position!

I would really appreciate your support!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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