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My dad lost my mum to leukemia. His new wife has cancer.

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Hi All,

my name is Nave. I am from the Philippines. I hope everyone is healthy and safe during this pandemic.

I am in this program as I have no more options. I am never the type who asks a favor from everyone because I believe in hard-earned money and I am also ashamed to ask favors even to my close friends. But I have nowhere else to channel this pain of not being able to help my dad.

A tough journey of my family

My story is about my Dad, we lost my mum to leukemia when I was 8. My brother was only 6. After a few years, he married my aunt ( sister of my mum ). That relationship. They have a son out of that marriage. They were annulled after. My dad has no choice but to leave us behind and I have to stand as a mum to my brother at 15. It was hard having no parents around. He has to work as a seaman so he can provide for us. Even it breaks his heart being away and not see us grow or even take care of us especially when we were sick.

When I was 26. I was diagnosed with choriocarcinoma cancer. My dad had to work double so he can finance my treatment. It broke his heart not being there that I have to go through that on my own. I survived it, I thank God for giving me a dad who never gives up despite.

Now, He has a new family and is very happy. Life has a way of just really testing my dad as his new wife is now battling thyroid cancer. I feel very sad for him as I don’t have much savings yet. He was forced to stop work because she has to take care of her and my step sister who is only 7. I am sure his running out of funds because he is now asking money from me and my brother for aid. He never asks anything from anyone and it breaks my heart so much. To see my dad bring his guards down now. They live in the province and is renting a home, with the treatment and school of my sister I am not sure if their funds can last that long.

My dad's wife passed away because of cancer

My father always takes care of his wife with all of his heart, a lot of care.

They are not able to travel far due to the pandemic so most of the care is doing from home by my dad,

Unfortunately, last July 7, my stepmom passed away. we lost my stepmom. Cancer has won again. it really broke my heart to know that.

Now, there are some medical bills that left and we also need to pay for my step mom's funeral.

I feel helpless. All I know is I don’t want him to suffer through his life. I want him to be happy somehow and less worried about their future. :(

I will be forever grateful to whoever will spare a little for them. I love my dad so much and if I had to bare shame to be on here to ask, I would do it for him.

He has gone through so much already.

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