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God will give everyone health and love, loved ones. Fromm birth, I tried to survive in a cruel world where even my mother did not need me and where no one cared about me. Therefore, I never had anyone from my family, and there was no one to help, love and care for.

I grew up and got married early, I thought this was happiness, family. Two wonderful children were born. And in 2015, a trouble came to our family. Donetsk region, military operations. The husband died. And I was left in a strange city with two children, without a home and money, without relatives and support. I went with my children to a small town where I could live without fear for my life, away from the war. But there is no work or help either.

We rent an apartment and are doomed to wander in other people's homes. I am seriously ill, I pray to God to live longer. People don't live long with such diagnoses. I really can't provide anymore. And every year it gets worse. And recently I have already been referred to an oncologist. There are no cures! And I am obliged to live so that my kids do not end up in an orphanage and do not be left without their homes.

My kids are unnecessary to anyone, like when I was in childhood, to look for what to wear and what to eat. Therefore, I ask you all - who have a kind heart and a caring soul for an ordinary girl with children, who can hardly restrain herself. My despair and helplessness from and grief, reflect on the future of my children. Who will have to grow up and achieve everything in life themselves.

They don’t see anything good anyway, they don’t see what other children see, and I’m afraid that they will be angry with the whole world and it will be broken lives. It's scary when you have nowhere to live and no one to turn to for help. Believe me, I survived it. And look how it all has led. I really want to live, I'm scared to die, but even when this happens I want to know that they have where to live and they know that there are good people who are ready to help and give them support for their independent steps. I beg for help, because the most humble help and kindness from all over the world is endless gratitude and a lifelong memory of those kind and good people who did not turn away and helped put people on their feet and have their own homes.

Thanks to everyone who read till the end and God bless you. I will see everyone and know about everyone, and my children too. And the slightest donation, even in small amounts, is already our close and dear people who helped build the lives of several people.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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