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Hello, nice to meet you!

My name is Jevaan from India!

Together with my 2 friends, i would like to run a project to help an elderly and children in India to get a better eye vision.

We are running this project because we need some help to improve the lives of the people who are not lucky enough to see this beautiful world as all of us see.

About our project

There are more than 60 percent of the people in the world face different eyesight problems and only 20-30 percent of the people are lucky enough to get proper treatment to their problems and remaining people who cannot afford will accept their vision problems as part of their life and learn to live with it even when life gives them a very hard time in their day to day activities.

Eyesight problem is one of major problem in 4 of 10 in rural areas of India. My team and I have approached several elderly and interviewed them about their problems.

The response from our survey was either they don’t have enough money to treat themselves or they have the money but they are denying to treat themselves because they want that money to be useful for their children. So we have decided to help these people to get their vision back and able look at this beautiful world as we all do and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Project Plan

After doing survey from several places, We decided to help children that below 16 years and person above 60 years that located at Karnataka state, India.

We will give spex eyeglasses for free to about 1000 person there, do eye check and also doing campaign and deliver the importance and tips to get healthy eyesight.

Together with my friends, Abhilash a engineer who is working in this project and another person, Omkar helping in day to day affairs, we really want to help the people here to able see this beautiful world!

The person wear red shirt are my team that doing survey in location

Details on needed funds

We are trying to help at least 1000 people from different villages. .

The total expense is $10,700, we are contributing $3,700 from our savings for the welfare of the people in need. We need $7,000 more, we are expecting you guys to support us to fulfill our goal.


If we can manage to get enough support we will use the funds to help more people who are in need and fight against the vision problems of less fortunate people here in Karnataka. We expect that we will get enough funds on march next year, we are preparing for the campaign for that day.

However, if we didn't manage to get enough funds, We will keep on execute the plan with our savings money to Limited people.

We are eternally grateful for your help! Thank you so much!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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