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Let's support La Aurora Zoo's Animals, Guatemala

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Hi everyone,

I'm Luisa Fernanda Mejía, 26 years old from Guatemala. I am concerned about how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the La Aurora Guatemala zoo.

I do not work for the Zoo, I am an independent person, I like animals a lot, I am a fan of the zoo.

No visitors, animals face food shortages

Due to the worldwide contingency responding to COVID-19, the animals of the La Aurora Guatemala zoo are suffering from food shortages because this zoo relied on different educational programs to support its own operational cost. But now it has to be closed.

The zoo, which is basically sponsored by its visitors (receives more than 1.5 million visitors a year), does not have that income anymore because it is closed.

Before carrying out this fundraising campaign, I spoke with the commercial manager of the zoo and said that even though I don't work for them, I really want to help them.

About the La Aurora Zoo, Guatemala

The La Aurora Guatemala zoo is ranked among the best 15 in America and is characterized by recreating the natural habitats of the different species it houses.

The Zoo La Aurora is located right in the heart of Guatemala City, it is one of the largest gardens in the city. The zoo covers an area of 15 hectares with 287 species and more than 2,500 animals in the entire collection, the zoo has different areas divided by continents, including Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.

The Guatemalan Association of Natural History-AGHN-, administrator of the Park since 1963 through Decree Law 39, a private, non-profit civil association, is in charge of developing the La Aurora Zoo Master Plan, which seeks enrich the park's potential and focus its efforts on animal welfare.

Please do not let this magical place that brings joy to many citizens deteriorate.

The zoo through its social media account, is announcing an account number where they can make their contribution. It was Interbank no. 8100-62223-0

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With respect to many people who have commented and supported the zoo, right now the zoo is stable, the animals are well too. The zoo currently has food stocks for its animals, because it has received donations from other parties, different companies, in form of fruits, vegetables, grains, among others.

What is sought by this project is to maintain the zoo in the long term. It is because mainly Guatemala, our country, now is climbing toward COVID-19 peak infections, we're afraid that we will have to remain closed until next year.

Let's help the zoo, and the money raised will be used to recover the fund they had already taken.

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