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I need help for family entrepreneurship

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My name is Gabriela del Carril, I am 42 years old, I am a single mother of 5 children. One of them has bipolar disorder, which prevents me from working outside the home.

entrepreneurship from home to support my children

I have 5 children whom I have raised alone and must support myself because the father does not want to know anything about them.

To my 5 children, this project is going to give us a way to survive working at home, because due to the problem of one of my children, he has bipolar disorder, I cannot work outside the home and his medication and treatment are expensive to U.S.

I have been selling pasta, puddings and occasionally other foods for 4 months. I make them at home and sell them through social networks, and acquaintances from my town.

I need a proper kitchen equipments

With my youngest children, those in the photo, aged 15 and 13, we have a kitchen project to sell food in our town, we specialize in stuffed pasta and puddings. The biggest problem is that we do not have the necessary elements to be able to produce sufficient quantities that generate an income that we can live on or survive, especially since the pandemic began.

Our kitchen is very old, and we need a bigger one, as well as other essential elements and raw materials in quantity.

I need the funds to buy a kitchen, since mine only works two small burners and the oven does not work, which would allow me to have more variety of foods.

I am also going to buy a machine to knead the pasta and make ravioli that are good to go and until now, as I do it by hand, I cannot make a lot of it. I need pots like the one I bought with the withdrawal I made of money and other utensils in order to make more and better things. And due to the price changes and devaluation of my country, I also want to make a good stock of raw materials for cooking in the coming months.

Your help will be truly appreciated

All help will be welcomed and greatly appreciated. It is very difficult for us to spend our days, especially when we do not even know where we are going to get the pills for my middle son if we do not sell enough every week.

I have exhausted all my resources and we are in a desperate situation, we do not ask for an alms that becomes eternal, only help to start our family business and earn a living with our work.

Thank you.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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