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Initiative to provide employment to immigrants in Colombia

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"I want immigrants to have decent employment and wages ... I'll tell you how I want to do it!"

Hello everyone!

My name is David, I am currently 25 years old, I am Mexican, but I am currently on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, in the city of Cúcuta.

Reason why I Planned this project

With my own eyes, I have seen the difficulties that both countries are experiencing, in the face of the migratory crisis that has been going on for some time, but that is currently seeing one of the highest and saddest peaks in its history, which is why I would like to collaborate with a grain of sand to provide a timely solution to this problem.

It is well known to all that the massive migration of our Venezuelan colleagues in Colombia has increased exponentially, and therefore, this entails one of the greatest challenges today, inclusion in the labor market for them.

Traveling hundreds of kilometers, some cross the border, in search of better life opportunities, however, due to the discrimination and xenophobia that has been generated towards them, it is difficult for them to achieve their goals.

The supply and demand of labor has become complicated even for the merely Colombian community, the unemployment rate is the highest in history, which makes this challenge a real titanic task.

Almost 300 thousand people mobilize weekly through the San Antonio - Cúcuta international bridge, some in search of food and medicine, but a good percentage of them continue to enter the country.

"Far from home" project

This is the idea of mine, based on my experience, leave my country, looking for better opportunities for you and your family, with your head full of illusions and wanting to improve yourself, however achieving this goal is complex when you realize that it is difficult for them to believe in you, in your talent and potential.

"Far from home" is a project which seeks to create decent employment opportunities for immigrants in vulnerable situations, the majority of whom come from the country of Venezuela, but it is also intended to cover other groups and nationalities that are in the same situation. in the country.

I would like to cooperate with PEPFF (Permiso especial de permanencia para el fomento de la formalización)

Why I choose PEPFF for cooperation?

The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Foreign Relations created this permit in an effort to reduce informal employment and allow access to work for Venezuelans in an irregular migration situation.

The holder of this permit may regularize their immigration status through an employment contract that guarantees the working conditions of the Venezuelan migrant, and thus have all the benefits it provides, including the inclusion of the health system, the general system of social security, the financial system and the mechanism for protecting the unemployed. Below I show you the series of steps to access this benefit:

As you can see, an irregular migrant can obtain this benefit as long as he has a job offer.

Project development plan

First of all, it is necessary to register with the chamber of commerce, the plan would consist of the inclusion of both female and male personnel, for this, as first options it would be to venture into activities that are in prime need, such as the gastronomic area, taking advantage of the Innate skills and knowledge of the typical dishes of the region, offering good quality food at prices accessible to the general public.

The idea also consists of venturing into the aesthetic area, such as a barber and beauty salon, these concepts are managed based on customers, that is, their production stages are usually variable according to the flow of people who come to them, so which is difficult to establish a stable salary.

The secondary activities to be carried out in dead times, ranging from handbags and crafts with epoxy resin such as those shown below: (picture is a reference)

In this way, time could be used wisely, guaranteeing the income of each worker.

Current case happened about COVID-19

Since Saturday, March 14, the border crossings that communicate the countries of Colombia with Venezuela have been closed, this has made it possible to see the gravity of the matter more clearly.

So much so that migrants in Colombia have been left out of the 33 decrees presented by the presidency to deal with the emergency caused by the corona virus pandemic, it is estimated that the migrant population is located near 1,800,000 thousand Venezuelans.

Thousands of them, having no income to continue paying rent, were evicted from where they lived, which led to the fact that many of them grouped together on the way back to their country, the time of confinement caused by the health emergency and social decreed by the national government has been enough to demonstrate the huge exclusion to which they are subjected, it is a truly sad panorama.

All of the above is a gigantic challenge, however, it is not correct to leave aside people who are already in this situation, for them it will be necessary to include a rehabilitation process, even psychological help is required before being able to help them rejoin social and work life, even so, I consider that it is possible to give them a second chance, for which help will be requested from the institutions and foundations necessary to achieve this noble objective.

How your donations will be used

This is a titanic task, but as the well-known saying says, "The drop pierces the stone, not because of its strength, but because of its constancy", which implies starting from the most basic, establishing a first transfer of the project, and in a time It is reasonable to grow more and more to help as many people as possible, to have a decent job, with a competitive salary and a friendly and safe work environment.

The money would be used to legally register the company before the Colombian Chamber of Commerce, and before the Ministry of Labor, which is an essential requirement to be able to give job offers to immigrants as an employer, also for renting premises, and buying real estate, and business tools, basically that money would be used.

I would love for you to use the [Collaborate Sharing] button to share about my project!

Thank you!

~ David

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