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The idea of this business plan is specific for imbalance development of citizens' career in Hong Kong . The target audience is in the following people with encountering the unfair working rewards in over efforts, including the foodies who love cuisines without the attention to health, the workaholics working hard without cuisines' choice and the grassroots taking care about the family under a reasonable standard of the salary.

The purpose of this plan includes the two directions that the first one is to broaden their international vision to enjoy the cuisines from world wide in order to enriching the life and getting healthy.

The execution of this innovative idea is to provide the tailor-made services with the low-priced supplements and cuisines for users who focus on their favorites and the healthy needs. The services are to introduce the instant foods of instant noodles, Chinese traditional noodles, canned foods, frozen foods including dumplings and meats. The second recommendation is a locally fresh cookings. The methods of the promotion will apply the multimedia for the education of cuisine history, multiple choics and a healthy life style in high quality.

Before the half of year, one of the psychiatric medicines had been stopped by self. From February, the ridiculous control policies to COVID-19 inspired me to recover and then upgrade my brain abilities that hope to wake public up living without stubborn.

At the beginning, my salary is not good enough for life expenditures and expensive meal which could be solved by cooking by myself. Since I love to cuisine with the combination of instant noodle and GuangDong's dishes around Asia. I was actively seeking them from supermarkets, distributors and online shopping mall. Every new brand products and new products from current brand attracted me to buy.

Due to dyslipidemia, it usually causes me anxiety onset that fears to give the cuisine up. During the anxiety, the supplement of natural plants extract manufactured by Korea for weight-lost which could be afforded by the poverties and workaholics, assisted me to get the weight-lost effectiveness at 5 kg without diet within one month.

In March, the anxiety to work for others was worsened and pushed me to seriously think about how to be entrepreneurs for autonomous career development. At the meanwhile, the uniquely innovative idea was emerged from half awaking status that the supplement made up the imbalance of nutrition from cuisines and provide a platform for tailor-made health needs on the results the people can enjoy the cuisines without fearing any health problems.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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