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Hello everyone, best regards.

We are a group of young people from the city of Cúcuta - Norte de Santander, who observing the economic crisis generated by the current pandemic that has hit hundreds of people worldwide without distinguishing race, class or ideology,

we have decided to join the task of To go out to help and contribute our grain of sand to the community, in a previous initiative with our funds we raised money and we went out to distribute food to families, older adults and people in street conditions, abandoned and affected by the COVID-19 in our city.

Our new Project:

After our previous initiative, we carried out a study based on visits to places of extreme poverty in the city to identify the most vulnerable people who need help.

Through these visits, we were able to verify that a high percentage of those who are most affected by the crisis are the older adults abandoned by their families and by the state in transit homes, in their homes in extreme poverty and even on the street, as a result of this and for a couple of cases that we met we thought of creating a project that directly aims to help the elderly and families that are in a state of extreme poverty.

The cases we met

She is Mrs. Elvira Rosa Vega, she is 77 years old and lives on Calle 6 A N ° 22-35 in the 28 de Febrero neighborhood of the city of Cúcuta, next to the Chinese rice house. She lives alone and to survive she goes out to sell products in a styrofoam basket in the Mercedes park, something that because of her age is very difficult and more so now where she can hardly sell anything because people remain isolated in their homes, so instead exposes them to contracting the virus, with older adults being the most vulnerable to Covid-19.

We also learned about the case of a couple of grandparents who did not allow us to make their names and photographic records public, as Mrs. Elvira allowed us since they told us that they felt a little sorry, they make a living as garbage recyclers, they live in a house in total abandonment and with what they recycled they hardly ate because they cannot go out into the streets to recycle they are eating only once a day and to top it off the aqueduct company suspended their water service, this is outrageous! Please if you can help us do it, this is from the heart for the people who need our solidarity.

Our objective:

Our goal is to assist 50 homes that we have already identified, among them the Hogar la Esperanza (Ancianato or "Rest House") located in the contento neighborhood, in which unfortunately they have told us that they have forgotten their grandparents, they will also be assisted older adults and families living in invasions and neighborhoods of extreme poverty that urgently need the support of products from the family basket to survive.

How are we going to do it?

Our idea is to assist each person or family with basic market packages and cleaning and cleaning products, which we have distributed in this way:

In each package (For a family)

• 3 Kilos of rice

• 2 Kilos of flour

• 1 Oil of 1000 CC

• 1 Pack of Spaghetti 1000 Gr

• 2 cans of tuna

• Half a carton of eggs (15 Units)

• 1 Pack of salt biscuits

• 1 Pound of salt

• 1 Kilo of sugar

• 1 pound of pea

• 1 pound of beans

• ¼ box of butter

• ¼ Red Seal Coffee

• ¼ Chocolate crown

• 2 rolls of double sheet toilet paper

• 1 laundry soap

• 2 bath soaps

• 1 Colgate Toothpaste

• 1 dishwashing soap

How much does each package cost to assist a family?

1 package with all these products costs us approximately USD 16, that is to say, that to buy 50 equal packages we need approximately 800 dollars, together with your support and also with the help of God we can achieve this goal. If this project we carry out will be a success for children and mothers who are heads of the household. We also want to assist with food, milk, diapers, and supplies for the care and hygiene of a child.

Thanks to the advertising we have done through social networks, we have received these physical donations from a person who owns a local market:

More families need help, but we try to get to the places where they are eating only once a day, such as in the Simon Bolivar neighborhoods, in the neighborhoods and invasions of commune 8, near the Ring Road We also have many cases of grandparents in an abandoned condition, they do not have a family, in the invasions, there are people with mental disabilities, and those who care for them are also abandoned, there we find ourselves with a double condition.

I appreciate that you help us by sharing this project so that more people can learn about our cause.

God bless you all!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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