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Help a tattoo studio at Cartagena survive from Covid-19 effect

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My name is Mauricio Martínez I am 31 years old, I am the administrator and co-owner of monkeys tattoo studio in the city of Cartagena

A tatto studio I managed for about 5 years with a lot of effort

6 years ago on a vacation a cousin who lived in Venezuela came, he was the closest cousin and one of the people I love the most. He told me about the problems in Venezuela and, well, the situation in Colombia was not the best, but an idea occurred to us; He was always characterized for being a born artist and I studied administration and did well in business

This is how Monkeys Tattoo Studio was born! Even our logo is the two of us.

The beginning was very hard but we were completely happy making art, without bosses or ties

The first year we only won to buy burgers once a month but we worked very hard to make a name for ourselves, thanks to this effort our studio today is positioned among the best studios in Colombia with national and international recognition and we are very proud of it.

We have a wonderful team that today accompany us and give their best, we have two wonderful artists besides Carlos (my cousin) and our receptionist who radiates joy.

Our case

We are based in Cartagena, Colombia. It is a tourist city and it could be said that it is its main activity. In December 2018 we decided to move to the walled center, it is the most expensive part of the city but we trust that with more effort and dedication we could cover the expenses and so it was,

we made many more friends and clients from all over the world and being located in The historical center seemed to most of the tourists who were tourists because tourists usually stay in the historical center, and of course, the center of Cartagena is full of beauty and romance

Our business affected because of covid-19

Unfortunately this year something unexpected arose that would change the way we live, as a precautionary measure regarding the Covid-19 our building ordered that the doors be closed on March 17 of this year, that day we attended to what would be our last client and income that would enter our study.

During this time with our savings and some credits we have tried to sustain ourselves, we are 5 families who depend 100% on our study but it has been very hard, the Government said that no debt could be forgiven so as not to affect the income of the tenants, but without producing a single weight has become impossible for us

Currently we owe the April, May leases and if the quarantine ends on May 30, which is what we expect, it would be necessary to cancel the month of June, these amounts exceed 12 million cop.

we must also make an investment in biosafety equipment to guarantee everyone's safety. I heard about this page and I'm not used to doing this kind of thing, but you have to recognize the importance of a helping hand.

help us to continue to survive

With the money raised it would help us to pay many debts that we have acquired this time and we will be able to equip ourselves with the protective equipment necessary to work,

it would help to contribute to our dream, we just need a push. I swear that we will try twice as hard to fulfill them to trust us .

Thank you very very much.

You can learn more about us on Instagram as @monkeystattoostudio

Again a thousand thanks for stopping to listen to us for a minute, thank you very much

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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