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Spain to Fulfill my Dreams

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Name sathaya bama (tya


age 50

to fulfill a dream and make the impossible dream  possible

my destination is  Spain 2020

i can be supported  by  supporting  my art. Purchase my hand crafted greeting cards merchandise on


fine art america 

 and my paypal is 

I also appeared on an article below

I hope I can use this platform to raise  10,000 euros to buy my plane ticket,  apply for student+work visa to Barcelona Spain 

I wish to migrate, start a new life, and accomplish  my dream... learn art in the Barcelona Academy of Art . 2020 intake.

 Artistic Residence Program Barcelona Residency of Art 

I am 50 on the 17th November. I had a near death  accident in 2007, almost went brain damaged and blind on right side of my eye..  but lucky and was blessed with new life. Divorced due to scars and was separated from my daughter now 18 who resides in UK with  her dad and stepmum. Moving to Europe will bring me closer to my daughter. 

 Art has been my healing therapy. Recently in April, was diagnosed with Autoimmune Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. I wish to go back to school and my only dream left to be fulfilled is school which I gave up year's  ago due to family responsibility, when dad left us and married another.  I had to work  since the age of 17 to support my family. Now with mum passing away from cancer.. I have no more obligations  but to myself and I wish to live in Europe now start  a new chapter in my life

The Artistic Residence Program at The Barcelona Academy of Art offers its own and external students the possibility of starting their professionalization process in a studio / workshop where they will receive the necessary knowledge that will guarantee their entry into the artistic / cultural market. 

There are  also other weekend courses  available which I would love to pursue The course fee is about 7k euros n 3k to fund my stay for 9 months... With the hope I can apply for a part time job or obtain a work study visa

The directed and tutored classes will last 9 months (academic period: from October to June). However, artists may extend this period for an additional 2 months in summer (July and September)

I need  to raise  10k Euro's  (11k USD) or (50k MYR)

I hope money can be raised to Pursue a new beginning. I currently  am a struggling artist and live on disabled  allowance which hardly  covers my monthly expenses.

Thank  you for this  amazing  platform



(Sathaya  Bama)

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